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I have a Mac Pro and I just switched out my old wired keyboard (the one with the clear plastic casing) for the newer A1243 model, all sleek and aluminum and stuff. This includes the special functions for the function keys (volume control, expose, spaces, etc.) However, these don't work. They still do what I set them to do (F12 is dashboard, F11 All windows Exposé, etc.). And, before you say it, I've checked system preferences, and the box next to "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys" is UNCHECKED. This isn't too much of a problem, except that I currently can't change my volume from the keyboard. Any way to solve the problem? Happy to give more info.

  • Martin Pace Level 5 (5,110 points)

    What version of OS X are you using?

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    10.5.8. (Also, which might be a problem later on, this is a computer that I don't have admin access to... Hopefully, though, this is something that could be fixed without it!)

  • Martin Pace Level 5 (5,110 points)

    Thought it might be that the OS X version you were using was older than the keyboard but your keyboard design is from 2007 and 10.5.8 came out in 2009. Still may be just be that your System software is too old but I can't say for sure. Sorry, I don't have an answer, maybe someone else does.

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (56,674 points)

    The newest aluminum keyboard requires the newest software ta access anything other than straight typing.

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    Alright, so assuming that for whatever reason there's no way I can make the Volume keys on my keyboard work to change the volume. How can I assign the unassigned function keys (so, f16, 17, 18, and 19) to be increase volume, decrease volume, and mute? I've found in the "Keyboard SHortcuts" section of the Keyboard and Mouse preference pane where you can assign new shortcuts, but I need the "exact name of the menu command" in order to do so. What can I put in there to be able to change the volume? I've tried "Increase Volume" "Increase System Volume" and "Mute" to no effect.



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    ****... i have the same trouble. Grrr... Awfully, in the little book came with the KB, its says that this KB work fie with 10.7. Does everybody knows is exists some updater to the keyboard? Or I HAVE to update ALL the entire OS?


    Thanks in advance...