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I have an iMac with Lion.  I used to be a pc person and sometimes wish I still were.  My iphone is a 3GS, OS verson 4.3.5(8L1).  I have outlook 2011 for the Mac.  I just synced my iphone and now almost every contact has multiple entries.  When I first got my iMac I imported my contacts into iCal.  In outlook, under contacts I have the following:

Address Book-Which seems to have all my contacts and multiple entries.


Under On My Computer I have





Contacts appears to have all my contacts, but no duplicates.  X-Contacts-Bad,  don't remember creating and don't know why it's there.  It has a bunch of contacts, but there appear to be no duplicates.


iPhone is a group I contacts I created when I had my PC.  I didn't want every single contact I had on my iphone, so I created this separate folder, copied the contacts I wanted on my iphone to it, and was able to customize itunes to since with it only.


But now with itunes on the mac and outlook 2011 for the mac it's very different.  You turn on Sync Services in outlook.  But you can't customize the folders to sync with....


Ok nix some that.  I just noticed I could specicy selected contact groups and I had an iphone group.  I presume itunes sees my iphone folder as a group.  When I selected only it, the duplicates went away.  I was getting some duplicate calandar entries, but I selected synce with the Home calandar and that seems to have fixed that.


However, I have notes in outlook and I'm getting duplicates of those and itunes I can only select Notes under Other.


Any ideas on how to fix this?


Guess I'll update to the OS5 now.