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I have tried a bunch of fixes I found searching through the web, but nothing so far has worked. I thought you fine fellow Apple folks might know what the heck is going on. After the last update, I started getting the error message "Adobe flash plugin has crashed" in both Firefox and Safari (both updated fully). I'm running Snow Leopard on a Mac Pro. Using latestet version of the Flash plugin. And, I have uninstalled and installed again per Adobe's website... not helpful, still having the issue.


Funny thing is, I have all the same software, updgrades, etc. on my Macbook Pro, and the Flash plugin works fine. Can anyone help me find out what might be causing this issue?

MacPro - Intel, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    The latest "stable" versions is  Is that what you have?


    Does it fail with any other browsers, Chrome for example?


    You might try going into your System Preferences, Flash Player, selecting the Advanced tab, and delete all browser data and settings.


    There's also a Storage tape in the preference pane that includes an option to delete all local storage settings by site.  You might also consider that or doing it selectively (by site).

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    I cannot recall ever being this frustrated with my Mac and I have been faithfully using Mac for 20+ years!!

    I am currently using a Macbook Pro 2.3 Ghz intel Core i7 4GB RAM Mac OSX 10.7.5


    Problems encountered:

    Very slow browsers chrome, safari, firefox - have tried them all in hopes of finding one that works with no luck!!

    Adobe Flash crash error codes all the time.  I receive update request links from all three browsers asking me to update adobe flash software which I have done repeatedly numerous times with absolutely no success, just a waste of time and lots of frustration.

    Spinning rainbow sprocket is a common thing on my macbook, drives me insane!!


    I found this thread and followed the instructions to go into "System Preferences, Flash Player, selecting the Advanced tab, and delete all browser data and settings."  I then updated my Adobe Flash in my System Preferences, not the typical browser update method.


    So far, this method appears to be working - will keep my fingers crossed!!!