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Good morning.

I've recently had to reinstall the Server administrator tools (V10.6.n) on

the MacBook Pro I use to manage our 10.5.n Xserve. Now, when I create a new

user account, the 'Create Home Now'  button generates an error message.


'Unable to create home directory

The home directory could not be created because a error occurred'.


At first logon the user's home directory is created though. I usually

create it as the account is set up.


Creating a new user directly at the server, the 'Create Home Now'  function

works fine. I note that the Server administrator tools on the Xserve are




I'm assuming that one of the Workgroup Manager settings has been changed,

but I can't find it. Any help would be appreciated.


Brian Bowell
ICT Support.

Berkley Normal Middle School

Hamilton, New Zealand

iBooks, eMacs, iMacs, G4 Towers, MacBooks, Intel iMacs, MacBook Pros, Xserve, Mac OS X (10.5.7), Server 10.5.7 & 10.4.n
  • Antonio Rocco Level 6 Level 6
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    Hi Brian


    Apple's Admin Tools Compatibility Support Article:




    suggests you can use 10.6 Server Admin Tools to administer most aspects of a 10.5 Server. However I would not recommend you do so. Simply because it can cause problems along the lines you're seeing. If it was me I would always use the version of the Server Tools that match as closely as possible (as the support article suggests) the version of the Server you're administering. Remote into the Server and try the option that way. If the problem persists you may have come across a deeper underlying problem? If the problem goes away you've found a solution that works.