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In many screens the files are organized automatically by last opened date.  This information is not available when you click command info on the individual file, however, if you list out the files and click on the option to show last opened on the row on the top you will see this information.


From time to time it is useful to change the creation and modification dates to move where files are displayed in various windows.  While there are utilities and articles about changing the creation and last modified date using third party software or the terminal, I have not been able to find any way to change the last opened date.  This is useful if you wish to hide a file you recently opened so that another user can't just find it as one of the last opened files. 


When I googled this question all the solutions using terminal either with touch -t or touch -mt commands changed the creation and modification dates, but did not affect the last opened date.


Anyone have a solution to this?