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I am having a most annoying problem with home sharing on my iPhone.  Before I upgraded to iOS5, my home sharing worked perfectly but now, I cant even get it to work right.  Basically, whenever I go to watch something on my iPhone with home sharing turned on, I cant get the media to show up correctly on my iPhone and the media gets duplicated.  I'll illustrate...


What my iTunes looks like:



I usually watch downloaded TV shows on my iPhone so thats why I captured the TV shows section.


Heres what the home sharing looks like on my iPhone:




Here are my home sharing settings under preferences:



So as you can see, for whatever reason that I can figure out or explain, certain TV shows are getting duplicated on the home sharing on my iPhone.  I have gone through and made sure that those particular shows arent checked to sync or anything but nothing is working.  Am I doing something wrong that I dont know about or is this just a bug with home sharing and iOS5?

iPhone 4, Windows 7