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Okay so I have been using this iphone 4 for about 5-6 months already. The first time I got it, the was no sound coming out of the speakers. Went here to check, and solution was to squeeze the speaker end of the phone, and it worked.


But lately I just realised that my home button is sticky. It has always been sticky since out of the box. I never realised it at first because I thought that it was normal. Now the stickyness is worsenning and the button keeps getting stuck (ie: press it down, and it doesn't pop back up again). It feels like the button isnt alligned properly OR there's just something sticky underneath that button.


My concern is that, have I been using a slightly faulty iphone 4? These problems are there since I bought it (no sound and sticky home button). I went to my carrier and they said that Apple (Malaysia) don't fix phones instead they just replace them. But they also said that if the button still works, it's not a real problem. So what do I do now?


If i have been using a faulty phone, I should be getting a replacement, right? Let's say if that's not possible, I'd really love to just repair it. I just want my home button to work LIKE IT SHOULD. I can't send it for repair at a normal phone shop as this will void the warranty. Please help.



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