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I'm working on a Macbook Pro with an i5, 4GB RAM, and 320GB HDD. I still have well over 250GB left on the HDD. I've been working on a project in iMovie and when I finished it, I went to export it to iDVD and no matter what I tried, I got an error that said "Not enough room in heap zone." I've looked everywhere for a solution and have been unsuccessful. I've rebooted the system and changed the file name which were the most common solutions. Neither have worked. I built a test project with 10-15 photos and a 3s video clip and can export it to iDVD and share it in 1080p, but have been extremely unsuccessful in finalizing this project. I halfway wonder if I should go back to Windows Live Movie Maker... Please help!

iMovie '11, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Check this thread...

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    You'll find all sort of suggestions on the forum if you check 'heap zone' problems, such as restarting the computer, making sure no bad characters in the title, turning of Time Machine, etc.  All works sometimes, none worked all the time for everybody.

    According to an Apple iMovie specialist I talked to via phonecon, something in some file has gotten corruped -- a 1 changed to a 0, or vice versa, and his advice was 'Just re-do the whole project'!


    What I actually did was this:

         -I duplicated the project twice.

         -I deleted the last half of the first project, and the first half of the last project.

         -For each I then chose Share> Media Browser, which is sort of like 'rendering' the parts.

         -Then I exported each half with Quicktime.

         -Next, I imported each half, and put them back together in a new Project.

         -Then Share>Media browser.

         -Finally, Share>iDVD.


    That worked.  What happens, it seems, it somehow the 'bad' linkage was broken in the process, and that done no more 'heap zone' errors.


    Hope this helps.