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Recently my iPhone (OS5) has encountered problems with installing apps. The first time it happened was last week, I attempted to install an app from the app store and it displayed the "waiting.." status and did not go away. I restarted but it was still there. I was able to press the X on the app to remove it, but the problem arised again when I downloaded the app from the app store. In fact, the same thing happened whichever app I attempted to download. Even when I tried to update current apps from the update tab on the apps store they turned to the "waiting.." status. I have connected via itunes on my computer, downloaded an app but it doesn't appear on my iphone. Could anyone help me out?


To be clear, I have read the existing related posts but please note that:


  • restarting my iphone does not solve the problem
  • connecting to itunes on my computer does not solve the problem
  • I am able to close the app with the X button but when i try again I have the same problem


I know many people will just post their problem without searching the forum first, just wanted to say I did some research prior to posting



iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    Hey Dawn


    Had the same problem and found your post without any reply but you gave me an idea that worked for me.  but try at your own risk as I do not know what I am doing just that it worked.


    • Plug in your device to your computer .
    • In itunes under the device and apps are all your apps there? in the left column where they are listed.  If so this means that all of your apps are backed up in your computer. 
    • First Sync your device, wait for it to complete. (as you mentioned this did not fix it)
    • Now, try this with one app that shows "waiting", maybe one you dont care too much about:  On your IOS device X it. (delete it) It will give you a warning that you will loose all data of that app. Say okay.
    • Now make sure that that app is selected on the left hand column on the itunes app page for the device.
    • Sync again (it should be quick as it should only update the apps)
    • Again for all the other apps this did not help, but for that one app that you try it should now show up on your IOS device correctly and run.
    • If you feel comfortable with my procedure now X (delete) all the other apps that show waiting and sync again.


    Hope this works for you like it did for me.


    The root cause of my problem (I believe) is that I bought a new iphone and at the store I restored using icloud. Once the phone was up and running I left the store which interrupted the restore of apps and music. Once I got to my home it was trying to do everything at the same time and it got stuck.  So I figured I would just sync and get rid of the problem, but you like you mentioned it did not help.  I mention this as it might be applicable to what happend to you.



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    I have exactly the same problem, resolved in the same way so I have all my apps now but I still can't download apps directly from my phone. Very inconvenient

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    I have the same problem. It started last week. I can delete and re-sync to get them back to the old version, but still can't update any apps through the store. Looking for a complete solution.

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    I just fixed my own problem. I had a podcast stuck not downloading in iTunes. I went to iTunes and cleared my download list and everything worked perfectly.  Maybe you have a similar iTunes issue?

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    My apple ID seems to creep out, so using my brother's to post this..


    I had the same problem.. apps stuck on waiting, reboot/sync/updating etc did not work.

    In the Switch stores in Belgium, they didn't have any answers either.

    Managed to solve my own problem though:


    Repair in iTunes (or do a factory reset, make sure to sync first so you don't lose data such as contacts and such)

    and set as a new device..


    Nothing else worked, so basically, a full reset was the only option.. do NOT use your previous back-up, because that back-up will probably have the same corrupted data in it that created the problem in the first place.

    Only downside: you have to do all settings again manually...






    EDIT: I hope this is NOT the only option available, and it will be taken into account with the next iOS update, since I don't believe, or don't want to believe, you have to factory reset your device each time you have a problem.. but it worked for now, and that's the main issue.

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    OMG thank you gonickc!!!!! I've been stuck with this stupid problem for over a week and tried all of the suggestions listed on other pages to no avail (much like Dawn).  I just wanted to let everyone know that clearing the iTunes download list may be the solution you need. 

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    This worked! 

  • Jeddf Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here, so frustrating!!!!

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    It was stuck podcast downloads for me, too.  Yay!

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    1. Turn your iDevice off the back on (or you can alternatively reset it)
    2. Make sure you are connected to a wi-fi network
    3. Try and download an app and see if it says 'waiting' (if it does go to step 4)
    4. Go into the App Store app on your iDevice and see if you are currently downloading anything
    5. Then Open up the iTunes app on your iDevice, go to 'More', the 'Downloads' and see if anything is there
    6. If there is download it and if you don't want it you can delete it afterwards (you can't delete it while it is downloading
    7. Go back onto your home screen and your app should be downloading
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    All these resolutions may work in some instances but I had the exact same problem and my solution was very simple:




    After doing this my stuck apps started downloading automagically! 


    I never would have thought of this on my own.


    Good luck!

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    i can't believe this was the problem. i have been reading about this installing and uninstalling and about to do a full restore. you're some kind of yoda genius chuck norris baby. thanks man.

  • tomfrombuford Level 1 Level 1

    struggled for a week with this!


    found the fix for m


    GOTO iTunes on your phone.  

    GOTO downloads

    Clear the stuck podcast downloads. 


    Hope this helps

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