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I am a big traveler, and I do not always get to be in places with lots of wifi and such. As a former happy user of MobileMe, I thought that iCloud would be a nice move onward. For me, it has proved more of a nightmare, as iCloud seems to expect that one (in this case, me) can always connect seamlessly to  good wifi. Well, in some countries 3G roaming wifi is just too expensive ( I spend about 80% of my time outside my home country (France) and in some places, there is no wifi at all, so I need to set up my own web sharing for my iPhone4 and iPad to trickle the flimsy signal that moves through an exotic ethernet.

The bottom line is that iCloud just does not work for me. I am much happier with a couple of cables connecting my MacBook Pro to my devices. And I need the time (close to 20 hours) wasted trying to follow all the advices from really helpful users. Still the question is, how to I stop iCloud and how can I just use my two white cables to connect and sync my laptop with my two devices. That is all I want, a simple life in a rarely connected world.

Besides, it also turns out that my iphone gets stuck at the end of the transfer process. So I join the crowd of those who wait for Apple to fix that bug. But I am not looking up to Apple anymore, actually.

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