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Since upgrading to iOS 5, I have AirPlay issues with my iOS devices.


Most important issue: 1) AirPlay only works when I select the Apple TV from the AirPlay icon on my iPhone/iPad music app. With every first attempt, it does select the Apple TV and the track seems to be running, but there is no sound. With the second attempt, it usually works.


Other issues:

2) The Apple TV is often not visible as an AirPlay option.

3) AirPlay often drops after a minute and falls back to iPhone play.



- iPhone 4

- Apple TV (black, 2nd gen)

- Time Capsule


I've had issue 1 and 2 with my Airport Express as well, but issue 3 didn't happen with the Airport Express.


I've tried restarting my router.

AppleTV 2, iOS 5