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...and how do I get them back?

I used my notes during the day at work yesterday, I've got about 100 of them with varying degrees of extremely important information on them.


iPhone 4s


I got home and iTunes automatically started - a (I guess) automatic wi-fi backup.  I'm okay with this.


Went to look at my notes later in the evening to get some information and they were gone.  100% erased.


I checked iTunes and it is set to backup to Office One Note (2010) but there were no notes in One Note and the check box to force sync from my computer to the iPhone was unchecked.


The iPhone did not give me any notice that it was deleting any files whatsoever from the phone and did not backup the notes to my computer as it is checked to do so in iTunes.


I did not hard connect my phone to my PC at any point.


I have Notes setup to backup to iCloud.  As they are extremely important to me and were vital for me to get moved from my old Touch to the new iPhone I spent about 3 hours ensuring that they all were moved properly and I could see them before I deleted them from my Touch where they had been for the past 2+ years and never had any issues.


Now - HOW DO I GET THEM BACK?  No 'view your files stored on iCloud' option that I see in iTunes or on my iPhone.  Nowhere to see my backups, nowhere to pull the backups which were made to iCloud.  Is there even an iCloud out there doing anything?  I'm extremely frustrated at this point as much of the data can't be recreated from scratch and the entire purpose of iCloud was to give me peace of mind...  and instead something has managed to steal hours of hard work from me without so much as a 'please'.


I've searched Google on this and tried looking through these communities, and it seems like nobody has an answer about how things get properly restored from iCloud, let alone where things like this randomly disappear to or why.


Anyone have any ideas...  at all?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5, Notes Restoring
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    Try this, go to www.iCloud.com and enter your login info. You'll see several icons but none for "Notes". Click on Mail icon, then select Notes on the left side of the screen. Unfortunately, it only shows notes created since you started your ICloud acct.

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    Unfortunately, I spent two hours on the phone with Apple and they could not explain why nothing backed up to iCloud, they couldn't explain why things were wiped, they DID have me do a restore on my iPhone without first creating a new restore, which oh so helpfully deleted all the photos and videos I have taken in the last month.


    What I have learned:


    Syncing your iPhone doesn't backup anything or create restore points for any data on the phone.

    Photos must be manually backed up to your PC if you want them to be on your PC - iTunes will NOT do this automatically.

    Notes do not back up to iTunes, they do not automatically back up to Outlook, they do not automatically back up to iCloud.  Don't use Notes on the iPhone unless you are 100% prepared to lose them randomly.


    Everytime you connect your iPhone, manually create a restore point.  Since Apple doesn't specify what this will actually save for restoration, don't consider this as any safety measure at all.


    I'm extremely frustrated (obviously) at this point and Apple not only can't help me, they can't even explain what caused this to occur.

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    i had my notes diappear on me recently too. i dont know if it'll help you. i realized notes are attached to accounts, whether its icloud, or an email account. i deleted one of my email account not knowing this and when i re-added my email back, all of my notes came back....again i dont know if this will help, but i hope it does

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    Unfortunately, we are well beyond that point now. Apple was of no use at all, and the ability for Apple to properly back up Notes to non Apple devices is horrendous.  Apparently because I made the notes BEFORE iCloud, and iCloud didn't have those notes on them, and for whatever reason, was not able to properly sync up, it instead decided to automatically delete the notes from my iPhone.


    A 'backup' restoration of my iPhone did not help at all, and in fact, ended up deleting about fifty photos which I will never be able to get back again.


    The willingness of Apple engineers to happily delete content off of my phone without any warning, and without my consent has left a very sour taste in my mouth about their intelligence and design process.  You would think that a backup would mean just that, but apparently in Apple speak, backup means that newer files can be thrown away and if it doesn't properly find older files, it can choose to delete them at will.


    Really poor thinking (?) on their part with some of these items.


    I know I've seen quite a few people that have wished to restore certain items on their iPhone from backups and because they can only restore ALL or NOTHING - they can't get back what they lose.  In my case, the restore just didn't do a thing.

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    I Am insensed with my few notes disappearing.AV_intergrated as my complete sympathy loosing so much data.It seems even in I-cloud stuff isn't secure.pen and paper isn't cool but it is reliable and don't cost an arm and a leg.

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    This totally restored all of my lost notes! Thanks! I had switched it off a couple of weeks ago because I thought it was really strange that my notes were suddenly being emailed to me for no reason... I wondered if they were going to be emailed to anyone else! I guess I have to allow them to be emailed to me if I want them to stay on my phone and in my icloud... weird!