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Calling all battery & Power experts.


Skype and earlier builds aside from classic 2.8 build which does not support lion screen sharing nor does it support automatic camera start are causing my fans to kick on high and causing excessive CPU usage. OK all that is already established, Skype is crap from microcrap, we all know that. BUT this is the killer for me, in the last week or two, I noticed something FAILED hardware wise. I kind of want to blame my charger, but maybe the logic board or battery. My mac is DISCHARGING albeit slowly while I have skype running with a video call on it, only way for me to stop this is to end the video on my end, seeing the other persons video is fine but when I turn mine on fans kick on CPU gets killed. Can someone explain to me though why it would start causing this kind of issue?



MacBook Pro 15, Mac OS X (10.7)