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I would like to force sync my desktop addressbook to iCloud so that iCloud has my latest info. My desktop addressbook is just how I want it. But I cannot get the information into iCloud, and therefore I cannot get it onto my iPhone and iPad and MacBook. My desktop settings for iCloud have Contacts checked. In AddressBook, iCloud is enabled. AddressBook setting at the default being iCloud (but it was on desktop, which created the issue). Now that it is on iCloud, it works, but I still need to sync all those contacts that were put in while it was set to desktop. How do I force a sync one time?

iCloud, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    some people have done this by selecting all contacts in address book and exporting as a .vcf file. switch off contacts syncing to icloud. then log on to icloud in your browser, delete any contacts there and then drag the vcf file and drop it on the contacts browser window. I have to say thought that I have 3,500 contacts and it isn't working for me.

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    Check the contacts you are trying to sync are in your Address Book iCloud account and not in your On My Mac account. You might also take a look at this User Tip, to ensure you understand the differences between the different accounts in Address Book before adding the contacts back.

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    I carelessly read that ICloud would synch my MacBookPro (Lion) with my IPhone without accessing thru USB cable and that sounded great, so I 'installed' ICloud. It doesn't sync now at all, even with USB connection. I want to delete ICloud and return to syncing with USB cable. How?