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My GF just bought an iPhone but she has no access to a computer at the moment. Can she create an Apple ID from her phone or no? I am thinking about possibly allowing her to use my computer so she can create an Apple ID account so she can start downloading some apps and get her own iTunes Library file as well to store her music. Someome told her that she would need to set up her account on her computer only. Is this true?



iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    With iOS 5, you can go PC Free! So you can set up and use the device right out of the box, without a computer. I believe there is an option to create an apple id in the setup process, but if there isn't, just set up the phone without one and then go to appleid.apple.com to set one up.

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    She can set up her iPhone right on the phone without having to access any PC/Mac. But activation is still done via iTunes via PC/Mac. But it should be done for you by Apple store or your telco.


    Apple ID can be set up from the phone. But sync-ing her music/video/tv shows she has on her PC/Mac ... she needs to go through iTunes from her PC/Mac anyway. Unless she buys songs/video straight from iTunes store on the phone.

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    Actually, the phone can be activated without connecting to iTunes. I did this when setting up my new 4S.


    Additionally, if the shows/music/tv shows were already puchased using that apple id, then they can be downloaded already as part of iCloud (however this person doesn't have an apple id so this probably isn't the case).


    The point is, the phone CAN be setup without a computer and it can be used to download apps etc without connecting to a computer. So if she has videos/music she already downloaded elsewhere/had on CDs on her computer, yes she will need to sync the phone with the computer, but it can wait until she has access to her computer again.

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    Nope she doesn't have any music or videos on her computer so syncing it with a computer is not needed at the moment but eventually I am sure she is going to want to sync. I may allow her to use my computer (since hers needs repairs) as I just read an article on how to set up 2 iPhones with 2 different libraries on 1 computer

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    As far as I can tell, she was able to create her Apple ID and password but when she went to create her Gmail account on the phone, it keeps telling her she is putting in the wrong password for that account but she swears its correct! Also back to the Apple ID, I could have sworn Apple sends out an email to verify the account and she doesn't recall getting that but then again she hasn't been able to get her email because its saying her password is invalid. I don't know what to tell her but its messed up to have an iphone and not be able to download apps, or fully use the phone like its supposed to be used! Hope she can get it up to speed quickly!!

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    Any ideas or suggestions on what she could try regarding my November 15th posting? She's had the iPhone for several weeks now and can't even download apps or music and I want her to get the full use out of the phone. Her computer is down so she would need to be able to set everything up on the phone if possible.