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jeffinomaha Level 1 Level 1

I'm trying to set hers up and now it's showing each of our contacts in the other's contacts list (in addition to our own).  Now I'm worried that we'd have the same apps and end up with each other's email if I proceed.  Can we have separate settings while sharing the same Apple ID??

iPhone 4S, iOS 5, Other phone is iPhone 4
  • applefandan Level 4 Level 4

    No... if you don't want to share anything like contacts, email, or apps, why did you use the same id in the first place? This would be the only reason for using one apple id on two devices. If you want everything separate you need two separate ids.

  • jeffinomaha Level 1 Level 1

    Because we share our music on iTunes on our home computer and we just have a single apple ID for that.

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    OK, so you want to just share music then. Now I got it. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Your phone uses the same apple id for the iTunes, App, and iBooks stores so you can't pick and choose by sharing music and then not sharing apps etc.

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    Actually he can.

    Sign into iCloud using husband and wife's individual unique apple id.

    But sign in iTunes store or App store or iBook store using a single apple id (be it husband's or wife's)... both iPhones can have the same media (ie, books, songs, videos, apps), but different iCloud account to manage different emails, find my iphone, iMessage, calendars, notes, reminders, etc...


    Just have to remember to sign out and sign in using different ID.


    iOS4.x.x does not support this, but iOS5 does.


    I am using 3 different Apple IDs to access Apps, iTunes and iCloud respectively.