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Hello, my iPhone 4 and my iPhone 4S both have the same error. Both has de iOS5.


- When I sync them to iTunes through USB in my Macbook Pro, at the end of the process it appears this message in the iPhone screen:


“Sincronización con iTunes. No se han podido sincronizar 2 ítems. Puede obtener más información en iTunes”.


I don't know the exact translation to English but it says that there are 2 items that cannot be synchronised and indicates me to see more information in iTunes, but I look at iTunes and I cannot find any information about this error.


The second error is that, from iOS5 update, sometimes when I open Dropbox app or Adjust screen, they close unexpectedly.


I hoped this errors will fix in the new iPhone 4S but... they follow occurring.


Could you help me?


Regards from Spain and I beg you excuse my poor English.


Nieves Girona

iPhone 4S, iOS 5