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O.K. ---- I am srsly p'od!!!!


I have spent the last three hours trying to restore my iPhone4 backup to my new iPhone 4S.  And everytime I just end up with a factory standard iPhone 4S - no text messages, no contacts, no photos.


I mean really, I only want my messages and contacts - the rest I can do away with (backed up separately on PC).


Have no idea what I am doing wrong.  Here is the process I have followed:-


1) Backup old iPhone 4 in iTunes

2) Disconnect old iPhone 4

3) Connect new iPhone 4S

3) Go through setting up new phone AND selecte option to restore phone from a previous backup on  my computer through iTunes,

4) Phone and computer "talk" to one another

5) I end up with a blank iPhone 4S - no txt's, no contacts.


Maybe I am just too old to figure this sh*t out - but this is srsly frustrating. 


I hope that someone out there has figured out how you actually do this, 'cause Apple's advice ain't working for me.


Help!!!!! Please!!!!!