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Hello there,


I know Apple has had advertisements in apps for some time.  However, I'm curious how I can turn off all ads in apps?  Or at least turn off the ability to visit them in app and open in Safari.


This is an issue because any app with an ad has a built in web browser.  If Safari is turned off, this defeats the purpose right?




iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    Ads in apps are generally placed by the developer as a way to give you the app for free or a reduced price. The only way to turn off such ads is if the developer offers an ad-free version of the app for a price or some other mechanism.



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    Dave thanks for the reply.


    I understand it's a developer thing, but that's the issue.  Apple has this Parental Control feature and highlights it as a selling point.  But any app has a browser!  The ads should really be only available to open in Safari.  Then if safari is turned off you can't visit the ad.  All of Apple's native apps open links in safari.  Apple needs to make third party apps do the same.


    Is this a possibility in the future? or a setting perhaps in parental controls?



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    At this time if you don't want your children vising those ads, don't allow the apps onto the device. That's the only way I know of, as there are no Restrictions (unless I've missed something) that apply to in-app ads. You can comment to Apple on the issue here, if you wish:





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    OK that's what I was afraid of.  It's just a bummer that USAToday and BBC aps have ads.  Maybe I'll see if there's paid apps for that.  I will leave feedback for apple.  It seems like it's pretty easy to require ads to open in Safari.


    Thanks for the responses.

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    I have this exact same issue. However, not only are you able to access and browse the Internet through the ads of any app but you are also able to do so through ANY link that opens browsing capabilities within the app itself. I agree with Lorne17, it completely defeats the purpose of turning off Safari within the Parental Controls since you are able to access any website through an in-app web browser. My decision as of now is to not install apps onto the phone that allow in-app browsing, however, now the purpose of having an iPhone is close to defeated. I am unable to enjoy the privledges and luxuries of using 75% to 85% of the apps out there!


    Please please please allow the ability to turn off all in-app web browsing.