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    ...For your kind information sir, we don't have this 'Genius Bar' here in India...!

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (56,491 points)

    Someone made money by selling you this system and this upgrade card.


    I recommmend you contact them, explain that it is NOT working, explain how unhappy you are about this, and explain that you intend to return it to them for a full refund if they do not fix it very soon.


    You have already done everything a User should be expected to do.

  • DPArt Level 3 (560 points)

    What we have here is a bunch of well meaning people getting dragged into a non-problem.


    The OP doesn't have a specific problem, he has created one.


    Any video card that has the capability to output sound has this entry in the "PCI Cards" section of system profiler.


    "Hoolock Parent" is the framebuffer for the video part.


    If the OP has a specific problem with the card he needs to state it.


    But the vast majority of people with 5770s will see this very same info in their system profiler.


    I am fairly certain that later machines that have the ability to have audio sent via MDP will see this supported but most Mac Pros (up through 4,1) have this disabled, hence no driver loaded.


    I am not going to waste my time posting screenshots from a 5770 in a 1,1 and a 5,1 to illustrate. This guy has wasted PLENTY of everyone else's time.


    "Hoolock" is FB from the original Mac OEM 5770. If it were a flashed card, it would likely be "Vervet" instead.


    Here in America, we call this a "Wild Goose Chase"


    Nothing to see here folks, move on.

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    Mr. DPArt! I don't understand your point of view which says that:- "if there is something in your system (which surely is un-common, that some option is given over there in system information, informing about two different features types of the same card Display Controller and ATY HoolockParent), then just neglect it... it's are a fool if you are curious to know about something!"     !!!

    ...If there is no use of that then why even there is a need it's showing up there... either the company is full of foolish people or may be some over intellectual people like you knows something more about it.. (which actually is hidden to all these people who have 'wasted' their time over here, according to you!)

    Just google few words about this problem and see the responses... seems you are coming-out suddenly from an island..

    ..It's not a 'Wild Goose' I am 'Chasing' here... it's a Graphic Card installed in my computer showing something abnormal...!

  • DPArt Level 3 (560 points)

    Please find someone who is fluent in English to explain my response to you.


    Audio out over MDP isn't supported on your system, so no audio driver loads.


    Every Mac Pro on the planet (excepy 5,1 machines perhaps) will have exact same info in that field using that card.


    FInd a REAL problem or give up.


    There is no fix because there is no problem.

  • FelixGarcia Level 4 (2,810 points)

    Just installed a 5770 today, mine says same, card seem to be working just fine.

  • Peter Jason Level 1 (15 points)

    I have the same Apple ATI HD5770 video card in my Mac Pro 1,1 and would also liek to get the HDMI Audio working. Please don't just continue saying it dosn't work on the Mac Pro 1,1 because it definetly works perfectly in windows so its just a driver issue in OSX thats stoping us from using it.

  • DPArt Level 3 (560 points)

    You should start a fresh thread.


    The OP was convinced that there was something wrong with his 5770 but had no clue that it had anything to do with audio.


    A bunch of well meaning people were going to have him reinstall his OS, reformat his disks, run AHT until he was blue in the face and the end result of all of that would have been an ENORMOUS waste of time, and still same info in profiler.


    He just didn't like seeing "No" in the "driver loaded" column but thought this meant some portion of video driver was not installed.


    I solved his problem (and saved him dozens of frustrating and pointless hours) but where is my 10 points?


    Anyhow, I don't know how to fix the audio but I can tell you how to figure it out.


    I was the first person to find that firmware upgrade from 4,1 to 5,1 turned this audio on, so on these identical machines, the use of firmware from newer one enables this.


    Someone with a Hackintosh who can change the system ID of their machine at will should see if switching from Mac Pro 1,1 to Mac Pro 5,1 turns this audio on. If the answer is yes, then you know what to hack. If the answer is no, then the audio requires more from that 5,1 firmware than just the id number.


    In any case, sounds like a new thread question.


    This one is "solved'. (or should be)

  • Rob A. Level 1 (40 points)

    DPArt is correct, there is no problem with the video portion of this "video card" -- it's just lacking HDMI audio output on the older MacPro's (like mine).


    Oddly enough I do actually need to do HDMI video and audio output, but I use a BlackMagic Designs card for that purpose ... I'd rather not try to hack my MacPro's EFI.



  • The hatter Level 9 (60,930 points)

    I never saw anyone before bring this topic up. I knew PC GTX 4xx and above would show phantom audio devices but that was Windows and not ATIs.


    Thanks -

  • Rob A. Level 1 (40 points)

    Under Bootcamp, the HDMI drivers for Windows from AMD's Catalyst driver suite work.  For whatever that's worth.


    I'm not sure why Apple couldn't provide HDMI support in their drivers for older MacPro models ... obviously the drivers exist for SL and Lion but seem to be dependent of Model ID on whether or not they install ... which is somewhat baffling given the HDMI output works under Bootcamp Windows.  As I understand it the HDMI functions of the 5770 have nothing to do MacPro model numbers -- the card handles the HDMI Audio.


    Given that HDMI works on more recent MacPro's it seems it's an artificial restriction ... most likely just a mistake from Apple that could be solved with an OSX SL and/or Lion update.

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    Sure! You are very right Mr. Rob! Apple can (and they should) easily provide an update which contains the Driver/Firmware, what is required to resolve this issue, if it is this HDMI port not supporting the Audio..

  • The hatter Level 9 (60,930 points)

    Artificially imposed, lack of support and testing?


    The only thing I found from Apple:


    Mac Pro: Using ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card with Mac Pro released before 2010


    You may notice display anomalies or issues playing back video or other HDCP-encoded content when you use an ATI Radeon HD 5770 video card in Mac Pro computers released before the Mac Pro (Mid 2010).

    Products Affected

    Mac Pro


    The ATI Radeon HD 5770 video cards are supported only on Mac Pro (Mid 2010) models. They are not supported in earlier versions of Mac Pro. Learn more about graphics card compatibility for Mac Pro.

  • Rob A. Level 1 (40 points)

    I just want to be clear, the fact that the same hardware (MacPro) and same video card (ATI 5770) will work fine with HDMI (audio output) on HDCP encoded material under Bootcamp Windows Vista x64, it's clearly NOT a hardware problem.


    And to further confirm this, I run VMWare 4 with a Window 7 installation and it support ATI 5770 with HDMI audio.


    So if you do have a MacPro 1,1 or 3,1 or 4,1 you can either run Boot Camp or VMWare with Windows install to be able to playback HDCP encoded content ... VMWare 4 makes this easier since you never have to leave OSX environment.


    Another option is to install BlackMagic Designs Intensity card ($199) as those drivers support HDMI with HDCP under OSX SL and Lion -- but that means you aren't using the 5770 for HDMI output.


    So there are options to get HDMI HDCP to work in an older MacPro, certainly not ideal, but will work.


    My hunch is the OSX driver install for HDMI support on the video card is simply just not installing if it finds (in the EFI) a MacPro model number below 5,1.  I believe Apple would just need to adjust the driver installer to work with older models -- I really think it's that simple.


    Cheers, Rob

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (56,491 points)

    I think there is a posibility that the older EFI version cannot support the driver directly, and Apple has been unwilling to do the retrofitting and testing required to make the older EFI work without issue and stand behind it.


    I think Apple is not fond of HDMI, as evidenced by their lack of an Apple-brand Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.