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Can I record audio when screen recording? Are there settings for the quality of recording, etc?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Can I record audio when screen recording?

    Depends on which app you are using and what form of audio you want to record. E.g., QT X can record audio via the line in or built-in microphone option but not the system audio. On the other hand, an application like Snapz Pro X can record microphone and/or the Mac system audio.



    Are there settings for the quality of recording, etc?

    QT X has two quality presets from which to choose. Third-party screen capture apps may have other options. E.g., Snapz Pro X allows the user to select any of audio and/or video compression options for which the system is configured for final output.



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    I had this same problem. I fixed it by:


    - run QT

    - select new screen recording

    - before clicking the red record button, click the small triangle on the right side of that window. It will show options

    - the first recording I performed, the audio was set to "none". Change this setting to your internal microphone.


    Now record.

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    Actually, I was wanting to record the system audio, not microphone. What I needed to use was use Soundflower to route my system audio to QT.

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    I think it's cRaZy that it doesn't have "system audio out" as an option for recording these screen captures. 


    I figured I needed soundflower or use an old Mac with audio in / out jacks (to run a cable) but I thought I'd Google it and all I find is a bunch of people with the same problem (probably) using soundflower as an option (or some other software).


    Very silly.


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    This is isane how hard it is to just record system audio!


    Some company should make it, it would get a ton of downloads!