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    I've noticed a battery issue, also after the software update for about 3 nights at around 1a my phone acts very funny, not responding to my touches and instead acting on its own. After 4 hard restarts it finally got back to a "normal" state. I also noticed that this update said it would correct "the iPod's random stops during play." I never had this problem until the "fix" - it instead gave my phone the issues. I generally never complain but it's been such an inconvienence lately I had to ***** somewhere. Tried registering a complaint through Apple but I had to pay for a call or some crazy thing like that. Again, inconvienence in the Complaint Department.

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    Battery life is terrible since update to 5.1.  Any way to restore back to previous firmware?

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    Oh, and I lose the Wi-Fi when I get over 4 feet away from the router. This update is a joke!!!!!  I have warned my kids NOT to update.  I'm new to iPhone because my kids convinced me it was "mom proof." Since the update, I'm really wishing I had my Android back. If I had known then what I know now, I would have used tiny umbrella just in case.

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    I have an issue as well guys and this has to be fixed really fast... my iPhone 3GS is totally useless after the update to 5.1. It's really useless because it can be only used as long as it's charging. If I remove off charge, it's done within a few minutes. Sometimes 1 minutes, sometimes 2 minutes and sometimes it holds on for 15 minutes but eventually it shuts down and will not start anymore. The only thing I do see is a black screen with the Apple logo as if it was booting and then stops again.


    Today for the first time since the introduction of mobile phones I don't have a phone with me at work. I'm not reachable to anyone and this is totally un-acceptable.


    Apple, either fix this issue or give me an option to roll back to 5.0

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    Clutching at straws here, but it is possible that the upgrade to 5.1 wiped out your APN setting. If that were the case and you have Location Services ON, then the phone will constantly be trying to access 3G (power hungry) to no avail. On an old 3GS phone, the age of the battery may be a contributing factor.


    - turn Location Services OFF  ( SETTINGS )

    - then check your APN setting  ( SETTINGS / CELLULAR DATA )


    If the Cellular Data tab is not present, you may need a configuration profile to set the APN. See:


    PS: check your Carrier or their website for the correct APN setting or Google "APN setting" and the name of your carrier

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