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iPhone4 with iOS5.0 on AT&T


Voice Mails - I can listen or not but when I delete them and go back to my home screen within minutes I'll get a notification beep and the deleted voice mail will be back in the lineup again like it was never deleted.


Happening only since iOS5 update.

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    I read your message because I had the same problem. I had just one message, that no matter how many times I deleted it, it would reappear. In fact, if I tried to delete it, it would disappear for five seconds into the deleted items folder and then pop right back up into the active voicemail folder. I have an iphone 4 on the Verizon network. I read the other responses, but none of them worked for me.

    This is how I fixed the problem:


    1) I put the phone in airplane mode and deleted ALL the messages in my voicemail. Then, I made sure that all of them, including the one zombie message that would keep coming back to life, was also in the deleted items foldder. If for some reason I could not delete the message by hitting the delete button, I would swipe the message field of the message I wanted to delete to the right and then press the red delete button that would appear.


    2) With the phone still in airplane mode, I then went to the deleted voicemail folder and selected Clear All. If for some reason the zombie message won't disappear, use the swipe right technique to delete it.


    3) Then, go back to the regular voicemail foler to ensure it is totally clear of all messages. Then doublecheck the deleted voicemail folder and make sure it also is totally empty. You may not be able to get to the deleted voicemail folder if it is totally empty but that is the quality check that it truly is empty.


    4) Then, with the phone still in Airplane mode, shut off the phone by pressing the on/off button on the top right hand side and then turn off the phone.


    5) When the phone is shut down, turn it on again.


    6) Make sure that when the phone turns back on that it still is in Airplane mode. Double check the voicmail folder to ensure that it is still empty. Now, do a reset of the phone by holding down the on/off button and the home key until the apple logo appears on the screen.


    7) When the phone powers back up, wait until you see a SOLID red dot above the voicemail icon. Once that appears, you are good to go.


    8) Go back to settings and turn off Airplane mode.


    9) This should fix the issue as it worked for me


    Hope this works for you too and GOOD LUCK!!

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    That's a great response - thank you!


    So far, it's been sporadic but not too troubling. If this happens again I've printed your instructions and it'll be the first thing I try. I'm on AT&T by the way but this all would seem, at first glance, to apply no matter what.


    So, again, thank you!

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    Rigzz, thanks! Yeah I hope you don't have the issue again and you don't ever have to use the solution in the future!   


    I have friends on AT&T and Verizon who have used my solution for this problem and it worked for them and I have friends with both iphone 4 and iphone 4s who had this problem and the solution worked for them as well. Must be a software issue but we may never know. So far, it has not reoccurred for any of us so that seems to be a permament fix.

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    HI!  I had the same problem---unable to delete voice messages, or they would return!!  I did 2 things, so not sure which worked:  1) I called my wireless provider and they reset some settings somehow.  Then 2) I cleared all of my 'deleted' messages (just found out I could do that!) and all of my recent messages.  Now it all works great!  Since I did all of the above at around the same time, not sure which fixed the problem, but one of those steps did!  Hope this helps.  Good luck, SaggTaur48

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    Although it's been a while - I'm replying since it crops up from time to time.


    I, too, have a couple things that seem to work when this happens and I'm not sure which one exactly does it (maybe it actually is a combination) but I do find that Verick's answers about:


    1. Put in airplane mode (seems to help to be off the grid from mobile towers).

    2. Delete all messages.

    3. Scroll to the bottom and CLEAR all of those delete messages.


    This almost always does the trick and I'm saying this having it happened a few times since I left my original message here (2011) and I'm now on an iPhone 5. So, it still creeps up from time to time - but these are quick solutions that tend to work.


    Not sure why it *happens* in the first place but in 10 seconds the above usually solves it.


    Thanks all, and SaggTauer48 for the updated/confirmation. Appreciate it!