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    I forgot to mention this is only day one of my results.  I will post in the following weeks to let you know if this fix sticks.

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    i forgot a step..  close out all apps after charge is complete.

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    Hello I have fallowed your advice but I got a problem with which you can help maybe or hope so...So here is what I did tryed to do a restore from destkop did not worked said corruped file bla bla etc so I moved to laptop and from there it worked...But I forgot I had autosync off from desktop as well so I had to restore from backup did it from an old firmware 5.0.1 and I did erase all programs and staff from itunes before So that backup only added some ring-tones,my contacts,few settings wallpapaers staff like that no new program or ****...Btw I had tryed your fix before today all went well except that fact that 1st day i had 3:40min of useage only 3g and 18h of standby again only 3g...but after i went to 1% i charged(I had some staff and could not stay without the phone  reason I decied to do it all over again this day) Anyways  after  when I came home I did a full cycle,but after that I noticed that even with location serv off and few other things my phone was going 12% per h in 3g STANDBY so again reason to restore....So please do tell could this restore from backup now would make it creapy again if so then I quess its restore again....Please waiting for your answer here or via e-mail or please thanks

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