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    Overcharging a battery is always bad, however the phone doesn't let you over charge it. The charging cycle turns off AUTOMATICALLY when the phone is completely charged. I don't need an apple genius to tell me that. There are very few apple geniuses that are worth half the money they get paid. I've had all 5 iPhones, and they all stop charging when done.

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    I know that. I just confirmed it with an Apple genius just to humor cgarre since he apparently disagrees.

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    I had they same problem like most of you. Howeve, I think that most of us have upgraded to 5.0.1 with the patch file, which made us all have a worse battery drainage. I WILL TELL YOU HOW TO FIX IT


    RESTORE THE WHOLE 5.0.1  firmware TOGETHER  the 700+ MB.  You will notice the major battery improvement.


    Remember to mark me with the correct answer... :)

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    Overcharging used to be a problem with some phones if you used a direct plug to a cigaretter lighter type outlet.  That was quite a while ago and I doubt even cheap phones have that problem now.  I've

    'overcharged' my iPhone 3 ever since I got it because I charge it overnight.  Never got up in the middle of the night to disconnect it.


    If I hadn't gotten my battery use problem resolved on my new 4s after 5.0.1 update I was going to go back to ATT tomorrow to return it and go back to the old 3 which had a much better battery life even after years of use.


    It appears that the full discharge, recharge (left on over night) then reset that I did helped a lot.  Still not great but seems to be at least usable now.   This is an early assessment but it seems to be better than the day after I did the update to 5.0.1.

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    I still disagree . First you cannot overcharge even if you want to. If you are telling that all the time I keep it on charger after 100% charge is overcharging that is wrong . If you have time to keep checking when your battery is 100% charged you are either jobless or a genius.

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    I think everyone is sort of right on this one.  Typically, lithium polymer batteries can not be trickle charged past 100%. It will damage the battery.  I think there is usually cirucitry in the phone that measures temperature and voltage to determine when the battery is charged and then the charge is cut off (google'd it - I learn something new everyday).  I wouldn't be surpirsed if the ciruit is even smarter in these devices and once charged it powers the phone from the charger to so the battery stays at 100% when still plugged in (just a guess).


    So if using apple chargers with an apple device, I would guess the battery is protected and will not overcharge.  The battery and charge circuit should determine the amount of currnet pulled from the charger.  If the ciruit is faulty or perhaps you use a non approved charger that blows the circuit maybe there would be a way to overcharge the battery.


    And of course Apple sort of confuses the matter with a page that says it does a trickle from 80-100% during a charge cycle but it isn't clear if the trickle eventually shuts off.

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    I'll tell you how I know you are right. When the phone is charging up to 100% it is warm or hot. When the 100% mark is reached and the phone is done charging as indicated by the plugged in indicator as apposed to the lightning bold charging indicator, the phone cools down.

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    I am facing this problem too. I feel that the battery life was better without the update. I have turned off location services, notifications, time zone detection, push features and still the phone drops about 1-2% of battery every 5-10 minutes. This is really bad. I am expecting apple to come up with another fix that actually improves the situation. I am running 5.0.1 on iphone 4s.

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    Sid, let the phone die before you charge it again. Not down to 1-2% let it completely turn off itself then recharge it. Let us know how it goes.

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    Count me in too -- even worse battery life with iOS 5.0.1 than with 5.0, and certainly worse than previous iOS.  iPhone 4.


    This is bad.



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    I have thoroughly conditioned my battery by running down the battery from 100% to 0%

    for about a week and was experiencing great battery life.


    My usage was 9 hours 44 minutes and standby 1 day 7 hours.


    I applied the 5.0.1 update and waited for my phone to go to 0% before making any

    decisions about it.


    I charged to 100% and initially there was no problem.  This morning I was at about 70%

    so I figured that the update was fine and there was no problem.


    All of the sudden I looked at the phone and it had dropped all the way to 50%!


    After that drop, it returned to it's normal behavior.


    Unknown what precipitated the drop.  I had left the web browser open is the only thing that was going on,

    but I didn't think that would affect anything while I was not using it, it never happened before the update.


    So, there was no problem until AFTER I updated to 5.0.1 which I expected would make my battery last

    a little longer than it had before.

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    Update after discharge to 4%, full overnight charge  to 100%, reset by holding both buttons until apple appeared and phone reset -


    91% now showing on meter after 5 hours and 15 minutes since taking it off the charger.


    Much better than before - 5hrs 15 min standby (which is the total time since I took it off the charger, meaning usage time is included by the counter)    41 minutes usage with mixed calls, text, directions, e-mail and web browser, plus about 8 minutes of videos.   Normal stuff except for Bluetooth turned on.  (Only location services for what I need, Siri is on, most notifications are off).  All usage has been in house with wi-fi on.


    Not winning any awards for efficiency, and I would always travel with a charger cord handy, but the phone is at least usable.  However this does not seem to be the phone to recommend for heavy users.  Apple may finally have tried to cram too much into one device.


    Per my conversation with Apple support, there may be some bad batteries out there which would exagerate the ptoblem for some folks.  That may expain some extreme problems that don't seem to resolve with recharges and resets.

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    I do not know if this would make a difference but I have recently noticed an app using my location services that is not active nor in the background. This I would think is giving me some concern about it pulling power from my battery. Strange thing is I am not running this app nor is it in the background. Yet it still shows it pulling services which pulls power.


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    Does EVERY PERSON really have to let us know that the battery isn't working? Obviously, there are many people having this problem and you don't need to report that you are one of them. This thread alone is spamming my inbox.

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