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    Same! My iPhone 4 on iOS 5.0 was doing fine, updated to 5.0.1. over the air without any problems. Charged to 100% last night, pulled off charger for an 1 hour 42 min, recevied two email notifications (ignored) and responded to one text message, no other activity on the phone. Now down to 88%. Trying to revert back to 5.0.

  • clb2 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've never had any battery issues with my 16Gb iP4 but don't know why. I always run the thing flat and then charge to 100%, power off / on once a day, restart after adding / deleting apps and generally do what the guy on the genius bar told me to do when I bought it. Just done the wireless ios 5.x update without any issues and it seems as good as ever.....there's always one annoying content user isn't there

  • CJMass Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Can't install the update, unfortunately.  Even tried to restore the phone while plugged to itunes, since I updated to iOS5.0.1 OTA, but it forces you to update the oiftware first

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    Hey loser just because your phone is not defective does not mean others are not having problems. I have had my phone off the charger for an hour and 20 minutes and now down to 77 percent. Unacceptable.

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    I was getting about 12 hours out of a full charge and after the update I'm now down to 40% battery life left after 5 hours. Not good and not happy.

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    Well, I've been an iPhone user since 2009 and this is my first post.


    I just wanted to confirm what everyone else is indicating. I had a fairly good battery life of about 6+ hours of usage before the update. Now, I did my normal morning routine of reading email, surfing the web etc, and at 5AM I had a 100% showing but after just two and a half hours of reading I am down to 20%. Yesterday...and since the 14th when I upgraded, it would always show only a 20% to 30% loss by 9 when I left for the day.


    I hope a new update arrives sooner than later.

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    I was not having battery issues before the update. Now with 5.0.1 I saw my battery lose 8% in less than an hour without even using it. Just on standby.


    I force closed all my apps and restarted the phone and its now lost 3% in the past hour, again, no use.


    I don't understand exactly what was changed, but this isn't a "fix". Its made my device worse. I came from a 3GS that I bought on release day. The battery had been worn to pieces. It still was better than this shiny new 4S battery.

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    Yep since 5.0.1 my battery drains faster now, particularly noticeable when its been locked.


    Here we go again!

  • Cortnah Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is happening to me too. The only thing I can think of is that the battery meter is uncalibrated.

  • geraldfromkeystone Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My 4S battery life is nowWORSE since the update. Come on Apple!!!!

  • The APP store Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry guys looks new Apple bosses will not release a new up-date anytime soon to appease the stock holders :-(


    The minimum we are looking at is December I GUESS they will release 5.1 and chuck in a few 'goodies' like panorama camera,  so we stop moaning about the battery!


    Well thats my prediction!

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    I have an iPhone 4 and I wish I'd never "upgraded" to iOS 5.0. The battery drains at the rate of 1% per MINUTE! I got the 5.0.1 patch last night and SAME THING! What good is it to have a phone where the battery drains at 1% per minute! Prior to the 5.0.1 upgrade, the phone completely froze on me. No buttons worked. Couldn't even turn it off. Put it in my purse and checked it 20 mintues later where it was in sleep mode, but drained by 15% more. I only have emal running and maybe one other app. What do I do?

  • dianewms Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Only 3% an hour? Lucky you. My phone loses power at the rate of 1% every one or two MINUTES! I have no apps running!

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    I am seeing worse battery life since 5.0.1. I get about 2.5 hours of non-active use. I.e., I am not on the phone, or browsing, or using any apps actively. I am getting notices of emails, or texts, and I am sending calls (1 or 2)  to voicemail. Otherwise, I am sitting in a meeting, checking the time every 15 mins or so, but otherwise manually "hibernating" the iPhone after receiving notices or checking the time so as to keep screen time to a minimum.


    Phone use does not seem to affect battery burn greatly.


    The iPhone has run very hot since installing 5.0.1. It may have been coincidence, but the slowest battery burn I got was when it was resting idle on a marble coffee table that provided a cold surface and was a heat-sink of sorts, though -again - that may have been coincidence. Non-active burn rate was about 1% every 3 or 4 minutes instead of every 2.


    I know that heat is the enemy of all batteries. Heat hurts a battery's ability to hold a charge and to take a recharge. I can't help but think that downloading 5.0 has shortened the total useful life of my iPhone -- at least the useful life without some refurb to replace the battery. And 5.0.1 just made all that worse.


    Charging is slower, too. Before 5.0, I could charge my phone to 100% from about 20% in about 45 minutes or an hour. It's gone from 3% to 23% hooked up to a PC for the last 45 minutes.I am using the connector cable that came from Apple with my purchase.  


    And the iPhone didn't fully charge last night, even though it was plugged in overnight to an Apple USB cable outlet-adapter. Starting at about 75% or 80%, it only showed 98% after six hours. That made me think it would not have gotten to 100% no matter how long I left it there without changing something.


    And I am on a 8GB iPhone 3G.

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    Updated the iOS on a 4S and 3GS this morning (at least the software update was easy), did a hard reset on both and reset network settings on both.  The 4S battery drain is similar to what it was with 5.0, down 7% in 1 1/2 hours of very light use,  but the 3GS is much worse, down 50% in only 1 1/2 hours of light use.  Rather be back to iOS 5.0, at least the 3GS was usable. 

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