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    Corrupt system level settings created by an iOS 5 bug in the original release that caused battery recalibration issues, etc.  Just installing the update does not fix the issue in most cases.  You need to clear out those settings and recalibate the battery.  Follow the procedure below in order.  It does fix the problem in most cases.



    Go through these steps to address the battery after updating to iOS 5.0.1:


    1. Reset all settings (settings app-> general-> reset)


    2. Go through initial setup steps (lang, wifi, siri, enable location, etc) and choose setup as new phone (don't worry your apps, data, contacts, mail will still be there). Do NOT restore from iCloud or iTunes (It can copy back corrupt settings)


    3. Turn off system location services timezone and iAd


    4. Fully discharge battery  (tilll it shuts off with the spinning wheel)


    5. Fully recharge battery (overnight if possible)


    In my experience this improves the standby battery drain issue significantly in most cases.  It reduces drain from 2-4% or more per hr to 0.5% or less. It has worked for many, many users now. If it does not work after a few try's you may have a real battery or hardware issue and should contact Apple.  Good Luck!


    More details on my thread here if needed:

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    davidch wrote:


    More details on my thread here if needed:

    link got copied incorrectly, try here:

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    That response is nonsense,  Exactly what wierd pattern of settings do these people have? As for testing with the radios that can be done with real world testing in areas with different system densitites.  Maybe an exceptable excuse exists butyou or Apple will need to be specific not generalize. Generalizing does not win back or stop the errosion of trust. 


    I want to add that this forum and how it is set up with regards to replies is a mess. It should be a tiered system that indents progressive replies.


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    Tried all homemade remedies from this forum: nothing really happened.

    The battery life is still miserable.

    The battery visibly erodes while I go change a setting or read an email (1% in 1 minute? lol).

    And having paid 779 € (lucky italian me) for a problem to solve, instead of an useful high precision instrument like it was supposed to be... well, I am more than a little angry at the moment.

    This is not a slight oversight, the battery for a smartphone is a lifeline.

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    I'm having this same problem. Battery life seems just as it was before 5.0.1. I've tried turning off all radios yet it still has the issue. I'm just getting more use to it which shouldnt be the case but I dont have a choice until they come out with a fix for it. I got better battery on my 1st gen iPhone. Just wanted to update everything with my current personal experience.

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    Try this ; Let the iPhone battery run down until it turns off by itself. If you have a Battery app. Mine is Battery Doctor Pro .Give it a Full cycle charge. It made awhole world of differance to me when I updated to iOS5. Now I have the 5.0.1 not a problem. Hope it works for you.

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    Day hasn't even started and I'm already down 40%. Charged it before I went to bed and woke up to 75%. Fix this NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll post many times a day until Apple hears us.

  • Galaxyboyx Level 1 Level 1


    How to retrieve the settings from iCloud after erasing all settings? I wonder.

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    After reflecting on the day that was yesterday, I started to think closely about the update and my battery from the point where I noticed the nasty "stand-by drain". I updated to iOS 5.0.1 on Friday night. I did not notice this drain matter until yesterday, I'm meticulous with my tech gadgets and am always checking or holding them, I notice the second anything odd happens, my OCD won't let it go. To have gone from having no issues over the weekend to having it suddenly happen at work yesterday doesn't make the lleast bit of sense. So my plan today was to charge fully, and let stand-by all day (other than checking the battery %). Here are my day 2 findings.


    At this time yesterday 9:43 am my battery was at 75% after unplugging at 100% at 6:30 am.

    Right now at  9:49 am, my phone has been in stand-by for 4.5 hours, with 9 minutes of use. My Battery is still at 100%. I did NOTHING that was suggested by other forum users other than reset my network. I did not reset my phones settings or do a hard wipe, I just don't think its appropriate anyway considering how Apple seems to be ignorant to what is going on, wheres the adressing of the NEW ISSUE?


    My phone was fine Monday, awful yesterday and now with what I have seen thus far, is fine again. I have not attempted to use the new iTunes Match that I just bought, because I had thought this was the cause of my drain, but in stand-by, it didn't make sense so I still feel and certainly hope that iTunes Match won't put any more stress on my phone than Pandora or TuneIn Radio do.


    I have already seen a difference in the stand-by drain, but can't be sure if its temporary or because I have hardly touched the phone. I will make an update later in the day.

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    same here i had my iphone 4s to 100% and streamed a radio app the iphone lasted 5 1/2 hous total and thats ok actually but after i updated i did the same thing same app and it onle lasted 3 1/2 hours now thats a problem please PLEASE hurry to fix this apple which i know you are

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    This doesn't work. I've treid it on both my 4 and 3GS - they both still go completely dead overnight, UNLESS I switch over to airplane mode. Went to bed with 42% last night, switched to airplane mode, closed all apps, got up 6 hours after with 33% remaining. How does it lose 10% with no radios going, location services turned off, and no apps running? Switched airplane off, and within 25 minutes, dead.

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    I to have gone from no issues on 5.1 to only 6 hrs of operation under normal use before the battery is dead on 5.0.1

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    This is the first time I have posted to the Apple forum (and to any tech forum for that matter).  I'm doing so primarily because I hope Apple will see these messages and - either because they care about the consumer experience, or because the media monitor these posts - will take remedial action.


    I have had a iPhone 4 since August 2010 and have loved it.  But since upgrading to iOS 5 I have seen a marked deterioration in battery performance.  It was noticeable with the first upgrade to iOS 5, but with the recent update (to what I understand is 5.0.1), the problem has become much more acute.  I now lose several percentage points of battery life with the phone simply sitting idle - this never happened in my previous year of use and is massively frustrating, particularly for those who use iPhones for the multiple uses Apple so giddily proclaims for the device.


    Skimming the various replies on this and similar discussion threads, I see some folks have recommended settings resets or other such fixes to try to rectify the problem.  When time permits, I might try some of these.  But my question to Apple is: (1) why should it be necessary for iPhone users to run these circles simply to make their devices perform as both Apple and its customers would like; and (2) if these fixes work, why doesn't Apple promulgate them - either by including a pop-up message in iTunes when the new software is installing, through a generic email to registered iOS 5 users, or by simply posting some guidance to the Apple website?  Why does one have to trawl disucssion boards for it?


    Although his royal stuborness has sadly passed, some less attractive aspects of Apple's corporate culture seem to have remained...

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    I guess I will continue to post in this thread, and hopefully the Apple folks are reading this and working like mad to fix this issue. I have tried all of the fixes listed in this, and have gotten zero results. I have a iPhone 4, that I updated to the iOS 5 software with no issues. I had read about a lot of battery issues, so when the 5.0.1 version came out, I thought, this can only improve my battery. WRONG WRONG WRONG..oh so very WRONG.


    I am a pretty heavy user of apps, exchange email, text, Internet ect. And I purchased a phone to do exactly those things. Up until two days ago, I loved my iPhone and never had any issues. I could sometimes go for about 48 hrs before I would need to charge again, never once in the past yr had it died completely. Typically while sitting in my office, I have Pandora or iTunes playing music as well, for most of the day, thi no issues. I will not even attempt do listen to music with the current state of battery loss.


    So on Monday, after charging all night, and start using it around 6am,  by 11:30am, my phone was totally dead. I read all the info on here, and tried a bunch of the tricks. Uninstalled apps, turned off location services, turned off notifications, did a restore on my phone, did a reset of settings, did a hard reset, ran my battery down to shutting the phone off (very easy to do at this point) giving it a full nights charge last night, and i see no improvements. I unplugged my phone at 6am this morning, and as of 11am when I am writing this, I am down to 58%. Not to mention, that I used my car charger on the way to work, and have plugged my phone in a couple times while I sit in my office. I am losing battery at an alarming rate of over 10% an hour.


    I just find it unbelievable that Apple would put out this update for the sole purpose of FIXING battery issues, only to have it be the most battery harmful update I have ever seen. I didn't buy a phone so that I could shut off all the features, so my battery would last through the day. Apple needs to acknowledge this mistake and fix it right away.

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    5.0.1 on 3GS. Upgraded four days ago. I do NOT leave ANY apps running...ever. I turn off Location Services. I turn off WiFi when not in active use. I hardly use voice on my phone. TEXTING ALONE drains my battery much more rapidly than iOS 5. This issue MUST be resolved.

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