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  • MinMacs Level 1 (0 points)

    Same issue as many.  I have a 4s and battery life was okay at best with 5.0 but after loading 5.01 I can watch my battery drain in real time.  Last week it even drained completely overnight and so my alarm didn't go off.  Almost missed my appointment!  I have already done a complete reset and set up as new phone however I feel that this has made matters even worse.  I continue to delete app after app just to see if the draining will slow down.  Have a call into Apple Support but I am not hopeful since I have read others have gone into the Apple Stores and have been told their phones are fine.  Perhaps I can make a YouTube video of my battery draining and show Apple this is a REAL problem.

  • Sticktron Level 1 (0 points)

    ^^^^ This. QFT.


    There is no Software, or Hardware bug, or defect,

    Simply a matter of You Can't Power a Cell radio, wifi radio, GPS, and continuously running uploads (iCloud Photo Sync...   ) using a battery lighter than a big Nut,

    and expect to get any kind of substantial life out of it.


    Restoring/Resetting/all-these-voodoo-fixes are Placebos...


    [CrazyMFGenius moreTruthPlease:YES];



    #DEFINE A @"a lithium battery does function like a niCad battery does" // #LookItUp) /// camelCase is mine

    #DEFINE B @"removing suspended Apps from the Switcher will SLOW your device DOWN" // gotta wake up, reload from sloooow flashRAM

    #DEFINE C @"Backing up your every move via net connection, 24/7, is a phenomenal advancement, but it's Expensive"


    // one more and I'm out

    + (void)IWantToSaveBattery:(BOOL)doYou {

        if (doYou) { // and you should, do

            [Human taptheShinyOnOffButtonsWithBesideThemAndPurpleArrowsBecauseTheyAreHoldingOpenAl lTjreeRadiosAndByDivineASSERTIONareNotAllowedToTurnOffUntilThatAssertionsLiftmen tByItsMaker];


        // phew



    PS I dev from my phone, have a hackintosh in my room I use to root, and upgrade (and Jam over iTunes with my Wii RockBand DrumKit (all praise Team GarageBand@APPLE.

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    I have experienced a similar issue since the 5.0.1 upgrade.  My phone was running 5.0 on the Iphone 4 and battery worked great...all day and then some.  Now it is nearly 5 in the afternoon and I am already down to 16% and declining.  Somehting made it start from this upgrade. 

  • Sticktron Level 1 (0 points)

    PPSS 5.0.1's intent was only to patch 0xCharlie out (for a second).

    Wait until next week for 5.0.2, which address the balance of fetch vs uice 8)

  • Sticktron Level 1 (0 points)

    (that won't compile btw, some typos and "private" Frameworks missing  

  • georg2011 Level 1 (20 points)

    I am looking for a calibration here regarding battery drain. I have a 16G 4S. I did not upgrade to 5.01 given the issues. So I stayed back on 5.0. Only servces I have disabled are iAd and Time Zone. Everthing else is on including bluetooth all the time. I put the phone in airplane mode overnight to avoid any disruption from incoming mail etc. It is still in stand-by as it works as alarm clock.

    These are my stats right now: Battery at 56% after 20 h 40 min of stand-by and 3 hrs of usage (mostly web browsing and some calls). I have not yet completely drained the battery and recharged. Any comments on battery consumption? Thanks.

  • Sticktron Level 1 (0 points)

    // that was Cocoa talk, pronounced "SmallTalk".. simple, human, impossible for a five yor old Not to follow


    // also i carry 3 iPhones, an iPod and an iPad (and a classic, for posterity)

    // attached to my body with Duct tape... cuz That's how we(Devs) roll!

    // (and cuz each new #RealPocketPCFinally is **** cheaper than the last one I got,

    See where this might be heading? Here this might be Heading,  ere this might be Headin, re this might be Headi,


    shoot crashed SpringBoard (but she's back up!  In record time)


    //// (commented aside comment: iOS architects cry little pretty white shiny bitten Apple apples,

    Every time they see Another retard (mis)understanding TheWork(tm)

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    Hi, i am using an iphone 4 not the "s" version and i updated my ios from 5.0 to 5.0.1  2 days ago


    Now was the first time that the notice came "only 20 % left" and i swear 1!!! minute later i had 17 %.

    so 3% in 1 minute? that isn't really cool 'cause i was happy that i haven't got the same battery problems as the 4s has but now i guess its more worse to use an iphone 4 than 4s.

    i tried to downgrade to 5.0 but i've read that this isn't possible. i hope that i don't have to wait long for a fix.

  • Sticktron Level 1 (0 points)

    Smule's MagicPiano is an example of the kind of BadWork you need to check for right now..

    By some craft of occult magic, Smule manages to keep LS running even when MP isn't

    I didn't even know that was possible, Smile guys,

    Thanks for not bothering to even take One Look to see if the code you (irresponsibly)published would live onto Drain Batteries across the Globe.


    See, it's not even Apples fault.


    ProTip: check for purple arrows on occasion, 99% of apps on the market were poorly written cash grabs,

    Whereas a mobile SooperDooperSuperComputer is EXTREMELY sensitive to memory and power consumption.


    Apple QA failed to notice, so actually it IS Apples fault: you want strict Approval, it's on You to Protect Me,

    Not me to have to look for purple arrows,

    And nearly have a heart attack when upon sshing into my 4S to work on,

    And see 2000 messages from atc Warning me about radio assertion.


    Turn off iTunes Sync and iCloud Sync and **** iAd Location Service, that should NEBER be on.

    Then observe in Glory as you read that the Assertion has even lifted.

    Rejoice, and enjoy the full battery life you expect out an Apple product,

    For now, well, until dec.

  • jblock23 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, I am having same issue.  Yesterday, i was at 14% after 10 hours of standby time.  i had closed all applications.  Nothing was in use.  Today, I am at 32% after 12 hours.

    Both of those percentages we about 3x that when using 5.0

  • chevyb Level 1 (0 points)

    Not only is my battery draining faster, the entire interface is slower.  My email takes longer and my internet sits and grinds away on specific sites.  Very frustrating!!

  • Aykay Level 1 (0 points)

    Probably like "Occupy Wallstreet", we should do a "Occupy Apple" and start camping in front of Apple stores until this issue is fixed... lol!!!

  • jacquelynfromarlington Level 1 (0 points)

    I thought the issues with my battery on my 4s when I got it originally were bad, the new software is even worse! The genius bar has replaced my phone twice for the battery issues, promising a new software at the same time. My 3rd phone did prove to have slightly better battery life. Then, a couple of days ago I downloaded 5.01 and I am watching my battery drop again. Sometimes even 3% per minute. The battery dropped 10% overnight in standby and then between 7:45am and 9:30am today it went from 43% to DEAD. I've done all of the typical troubleshoots. This is getting ridiculous! HELP!

  • katykerns Level 1 (0 points)

    Same battery life drainage as before I installed iOS 5.0.1. (iPhone 4). Hoping they can fix this problem soon. I have turned almost everything OFF to help but it still drains ridiculously fast.

  • W. Raider Level 3 (545 points)



    And I hardly ever type in all caps.



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