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Let's get real here, just updated to 5.0.1 with improved Siri for Australia. Siri is hopeless, like actually hopeless, get past the coolness and the fact it is Beta. but why is apple being like google who doesn't and their failed use of Beta, their philosophy is more like, roll it out while were not even sure ourselves, and tweak it as we go, thus resulting in a below par user experience. If i wanted a google product i would have bought the cheaper range of android. Apple says we can't build a $500 computer that's good, well guess what you can't build a 999 dollar smartphone that really differentiates itself.


Siri does work for me, but it's under the most extreme conditions, I have to talk so profoundly clear and over exaggerate parts of words just so it can attempt to understand me, only to be given a "I'm sorry, but I can only look for businesses and locations in the united states".


Then there's the noise issue, forget any subtle background noise, living by the beach means Siri fails epically every time, yet in an advertisement for Siri, they show a guy on a morning jog and rescheduling meetings, replying to messages etc. how does that work?


When I switch to US English, Siri shines, smashing out requests left right and centre, not even having to give full details to end up with astounding results.


Come on Apple, get english Australia Siri to a "wowable" state.. Remember that old adage "it just works"

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