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  • shadowsniperhuddz Level 1 (0 points)

    well just picked up this iphone 4s  16gb yesterday and the battery isnt too good but my biggest problem is with the signal strength i will have 4-5 bars then it goes rite down to 0 bars and says searching and it will stay like that for about 3 minutes then the signal will come bck then after a few minutes it does the samething again ,and again, and agin please apple fix this problem i paid 500 pound for this phone

  • danwilson83 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem to, did the update yesterday (8/3/12) and have no service. Cannot call, text or recieve.


    Wife is pregnant and due this Monday!!! Worse possible time for me not to have a working mobile!!!


    Please help!!!!!

  • MacGuy112 Level 1 (0 points)

    Was at Apple and ATT stores today trying to sort out the same issue of failed calls/texts and extreme signal bar variability (5 bars to 'no service' in the same place).  Apple provided me a new phone but this did not solve the problem.  They had seen customers saying the same thing w OS5 upgrade just the last few days, but didn't know what is going on yet.  ATT online could not figure it out.  ATT store said it is not the SIM and that many of their customers at this store had come in with the same problem of losing the phone/text functions completely with the OS5 upgrade. 


    According to the service person there, apparently the ATT central customer service is just now becoming aware of the problem.  He said in our area (west of Philadelphia) it is a very significant affecting many customers.  He guessed the problem is an ATT hard tech problem at the towers and suggested waiting a few days to see if it clears up!  Clearly, no one knows what's going on yet.       

  • Rammzie Level 1 (0 points)

    When i first got my iphone ive always had full bars with my Verizon iPhone 4s. But ive noticed lately on average i only get 2 or 3 and when i try to call i keep getting a "Call Failed" after a couple of rings. my software is currently iOS 5.1. could it be from the update or is my iphone faulty?

  • akkin Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello! Can someone help me please.... I got my 4s last february and it went well since april 9, it has been 9 days since i have experienced call freeze,txt sending and receiving bugs and no service. Ive done things like reseting all settings,restoring.after reseting all settings,my phone went fine but wen my phone bat emptied,and recharged ,after turning it on again, it starts to experience thise bugs again. Pls help...thanks !

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