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    I did the backup/restore again,  I fully charged the phone, turned off location services for apps that don't need it; so overnight, with all apps off, siri raise to speak off, network restore, the battery went down 15% by just sitting there :(.


    This is not working for me, anybody has any other suggestion??

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    Same thing happened with mine, its actually worse.  Nice fix apple!

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    Today I went to the apple store (I'm not happy about it), the girl who helped me... I don't think she knew what she was doing, all what she said was that my phone diagnosis shows it's ok, and that battery life of 5 hours it's normal (????!!!!), I was even showing her how the battery porcentage was dropping while she was looking at the settings, but she didn't care.  I also explained how my Iphone 4 was the best on battery with my heavy use, but she didn't care either, "it's normal" she kept saying, I mention the online blogs, but it was pointless. At the end of my visit I felt more frustraded than when I was helping myself  , so I left, I remembered she kept mentioning to turn off the remotly back up, I wasn't sure if I had it off, but I did have it off, so that didn't help either


    I fully charged my phone at 5.30pm, its 9pm now and my battery is at 35%, no mayor use. I called all ATT stores in my area, and of course the Iphone4 16GB it's unavailable, it's the holly grail I guess, so now I'm stuck with an Iphone 4S that I thought I would love, but at this point is annoying the frack out of me

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    Just watched my battery drop 10% in the last 45 minutes. Did nothing on the phone during that time.

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    Took it off the charger at 9:30, 1 hour later, it was down to 83%...All I did is check my email a few times

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    Updated on Saturday, did not notice the drain issues until yesterday. After a full charge and 3 hours of stand-by later I was at 75%. As I used it I witnessed the battery decrease about 1% per minute. I was toying around with iTunes Match in the morning for about 30 minutes, there was just no way this was causing my drain issue, and it made more sense after seeing how my battery drained during stand-by. Pandora or TuneIn never drained it this much after 30 minutes of use.


    Been vigilant with the watching today. Unplugged from charge at 5:45 a.m. I have used the phone for 34 minutes and let is standby for 6.5 hours. I am at 97% battery life. I never used battery percentage before yesterday, I am more or less used to seeing the battery filled to the brim. Today's percent seems more consistant with what I was experiencing before the update (decent battery life). I have not used my phone much though, mainly because I teach and there just isn't time to play with it. Just sent a few texts and checked a few emails.

    I have done NONE of the suggested work arounds, as I see them to be pointless and innapropriate considering Apple made the issue, NOT ME.


    I have not attempted to access iTunes Match at all today, so this would be the variable that I am still wondering about. In stand-by does Itunes Match run, I was under the impression that this would be nore more of a strain on my battery than Pandora or Tunein.


    Why did I have poor battery life yesterday, when I am a light user who pulls his charge off at 6:00 a.m?

    Why does it seems I have no issue so far today, with the same usage and charging pattern?

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    Update: After 1-3 minute phone call my battery just went from 97%-93%. That isn't right.

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    everyone... i have an iphone 4, updated to os 5.0 and then 5.0.1, and i have been having the same awful battery drainage issue. today, called apple support (still have a few months on free care after having bought the verizon iphone in feb).  the rep said to go to settings>general>about> diagnostics & usage> and set it to DON'T SEND.  i think this has helped.  he also sent me this link to turn off stuff that is causing extra drainage...


    personally, i think the convenience of haivng an iphone is the ability to access things quickly, having to turn on and off different applications each time you want to use it kinda defeats the purpose. 


    i am not happy with the update...

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    Mine it's as "dont sent" already, I did all the turn off unnecesary notifications, locations, and so on, and I still have the same problem as when all that was "on", so I don't see the point on turning it off, I'm turning all back on, my battery is dying anyways, at 20% now, and I just used browser and texts

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    A gentleman from Apple representing a group of Apple engineers called me this evening. He interviewed me asking a lot of questions about how I use my phone and it's current settings. He had me install a battery logging profile on my phone. He said to use my phone as normal for the next 24 hours. He will then call me back and show me how to send the logging profile to him.


    So, it seems as though Apple is making a solid effort to fix the problem. Stay tuned go this post. I will post again after I speak with Apple tomorrow evening.

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    Keep us posted, I hope they fix it this time.  On that note I found an article today about a new IOS release,


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    Well My phone did get a little better, but its only lasting about 12 Hours with light to moderate use. I am a heavy user but I feel that I have to keep restraining myself from using the phone because Im afraid it wont last all day.

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    I just found out that when turning on Location Service for only certain apps drains the battery.  My iPhone 4s battery life was approx 2 days.  Then, I turned on the Location Services for Gas Buddies.  In 2 hours, I went from 100% to 78%.  I know it's an inconvenience, but if you can id which apps are the culprit, maybe you can turn off the Location Services on them until you really want them to know where you are.

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    My 2-day old iPhone 4S with the 5.0.1 update also has major battery drain issue.  It drops around 10% every hours with light use (a few text messages here and there). I wanted to use the phone to browse the internet, watch YouTube videos, etc but unfortunately that has to be kept to a minimum now since I can't charge the phone when I'm out or at work. I hope Apple figures out a way to REALLY fix this issue asap because constantly stressing about how your phone is going to die any minute now is frustrating.

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    I am lucky to get 6 hours of life out of mine with typical use.  No games, just txt now and then, a few minutes of calls and some web browsing now and then.


    Brightness just under 1/2 mark, Auto-Brightness on


    Location services off for iAds\Timezone\Traffic and all but a handfull of apps like maps, Safari, Siri, Waze (navigation) and weather.


    Mail push is off, set to go get hourly.


    Usage is 3 hours, 7 minutes at 52% battery left.