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  • Core23 Level 1 Level 1

    I disabled 'find my phone' and charging back to 100%....will see what I get out of it.

  • paolabp Level 1 Level 1

    I had most of those settings how they suppose to be, but even whith all those little changes, my battery still dies after 5 hours, I have to charge it twice a day.  I gave up changing my settings , the volume goes up and down by itself after using siri, and phone gets really hot when using some apps.  My luck.  Anyone has the same problems?

  • ahmedabohamza Level 1 Level 1

    y need to wait till 6.0, 5.0 simply very buggy and nothing work!!!

  • Surcuyo Level 1 Level 1

    My 4s was great until the 5.0.1 update, now I am draining like everyone is describing. Very disappointing - I have tried all of these little fixes and don't see a difference yet. Besides, why have the features if they make the phone unusable. There are few things in this world that go from most "useful device I own" to  "paperweight" like a dead smartphone. I had a droid for 2 years and managed to have the equivalent of the find my phone app without draining at all.  We'll see what 5.0.2 brings!

  • ahmedabohamza Level 1 Level 1

    Apple doesn't acknolwedge they have problem and from the responses i received her and elsewhere you probably have to wait for 6 or 7.0. to see noticable improvement. So folks, keep your 4 running until you hear otherwise!

  • Surcuyo Level 1 Level 1

    Wait a second! Retried the resetting network data and it looks like it might have worked. 6 hours with only 3% battery battery loss.  We'll see over the next week if it stays that way...

  • sandeepfromdoha Level 1 Level 1

    I bought iphone 4S just 2 days ago.

    Here are the Problems with this Crap new fone from apple:

    Fone was not able to read the micro Sim right from the moment it was unpacked.

    After replacing 2 Sims from Vodafone and hard reboot it got started accepting the SIm but it was throwing INVALID SIM and SIM FAILURE errors in every half an hour.  So i upgraded the OS to 5.0.1 in a hope to get rid of SIM failure errors. After successfull update, the fone started getting hot on standby and it started eating the battery.

    After checking on google and apple forums for 1 day, finally I decided to give the fone back from Wehere i bought it. They told me to take it to the service center. On my way to service center, when the battery was around 19% i put it on standby but after 1-2 min when i tried to use it, it got blank. There was no charge in the fone.

    So i gave the fone to the service center and told him also about this new problem which i faced on my way to the service center.

    I m new customer of apple and this is the first product i ever bought from Apple but my experience is very bad.

    This shows the inefficiency of testing department of Apple.

    I think this will be my last product from apple. And i cannot recommend such crap product to anyone.

  • fstop64 Level 1 Level 1

    ** Possible Fix ** It worked for me.


    Ok guys, here goes . . .




    The problem:


         After having minor battery drainage, I decided to install the IOS 5.01 update.  Boy did I regret it.  After installing it, my battery when crazy.  The phone completely drained from a full charge in about 4 hours with only slight use.  By slight I mean a few texts, one or two short calls, and maybe 5 minutes total of web use.  The phone was mostly in standby mode in my pocket.


    I was pretty mad when this happened, so I went searching the web for answers.





    These are the steps I took:


    Warning: Proceed at your own risk.  I take no responsibility for loss of data.




    Go to Settings > Location Services > System Services

    Turn OFF the Following

    Diagnostics & Usages

    Location-Based iAds




    Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars

    Delete Any Mail Accounts You Have Listed (see Red highlighted note above for disclaimer)

    Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

    Follow the Prompts (see Red highlighted note above for disclaimer)

    The phone may restart. It could take a few minutes for the network to reset.


    Fully Discharge the Battery Until the Phone Shuts Off

    Try To Turn The Phone Back On

    A Low Battery/Plug icon should display and the phone should not turn on. If it turns on, continue discharging until the Low Battery/Plug icon appears.

    Fully Charge the iPhone (I was able to use the phone while on charge)





    My results:


         I unplugged the fully charged iPhone right before bed.  When I woke up 8 hours later, the phone showed the battery at 100%(battery percentage was turned on).  So far I am at 11 hours of standby time and 2 hours of heavy use (a lot of camera and video use along with wi-fi and app downloads) and my phone is only down to 72%.  At this rate it will at least last all day.


    I wish you luck with your battery woes!

  • Core23 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm game.  Trying this above now....

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