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I have been using godaddy for my web hosting for years,, and have always used their email, but would just forward to

my comcast acct in the past... now with icloud, i want to use my imap godaddy email on my iphone, ipad and macbook pro.

so all will stay in sync...


So as many others i've seen on this question,,, my incoming imap server works fine... however my outgoing

godaddy server doesn't work..  ... it gives me one of 2 messages,,, either I have wrong

user/password,, or server can  be reached..  I've checked spelling on user/password about 300 times,, so that's ok..


BTW,, this doesn't work on my iphone, ipad, or macbook...


I spent about 2 hours on the phone with godaddy, they were very polite,, and helped as much as they can,,, and i believe

they're right,,, they only can provide the settings that work in their systems,,, and help put them in the correct places

on apple devices,,, all of my settings were correct, and in correct places... we did even try several more advanced stuff,

ports, ssl, etc.. etc.. nothing work... They told me i should call apple... So I did...


I found something out I never knew of apple... never having had to call for support in the past.... I own, 3 iphones, 2 ipads,,

2 mac PC's.. and countless ipods....   and today I found out,, if i want support on configuring apple products,,, i need to PAY

money..!!  am i nuts..?  I told the guy what i thought about paying for support on software they just sold me... he didn't

agree or appreciate my detailed thoughts...


So here i am,,, incoming email works great,, sync'ing works awesome,, love it... however can't use godaddy to send email....


any ideas????,, anyone.??

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4), iphone 4
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