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I have a iWeb site that I made. I host the website online by using my dropbox account. This means I have no control over the domain name. So I give my friends a Tinyurl.com link to get them to my site since my url is very long thanks to Dropbox. I want to purchase a domain name from Godaddy.com so I can have a legit website, but I still want to host my website online with my Dropbox account. This way I have a free way of hosting my site on my free Dropbox account.

So how do I host my iWeb site online with a Godaddy domain name, while still using Dropbox as a host? Is there a guide anwehere? I already have the site hosted online with Dropbox and its working, so I just need to learn how to add the files to the domain name so I can finaly have a legit site.



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    I can give you information on how to upload your site using GoDaddy's hosting packages but it sounds like that's not exactly what you're looking to do. If you want to simply have the domain from GoDaddy and the site files hosted elsewhere, you would need to know the nameservers for the hosting account. That way you would be able to update the domain's DNS to point to the hosting account and display the site.


    If you end up going with GoDaddy's hosting, here are some articles that may help:


    http://x.co/b2JR - Weaving Your Way Through iWeb


    http://x.co/b2JT - Uploading Websites Created with iWeb


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    You probably will not be able to do this because DropBox was never intended to be a web hosting service - merely a cloud service for sharing documents.


    If you already have a domain name from GoDaddy, then I would suggest that you purchase hosting from them also and if you want free hosting then do a Google search for free web hosting of which there are many.

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    Are you sure? Because I am currently using dropbox to host my site online right now and its working just fine. I know its not intended for that, but it works just fine anyways...

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    No, Dropbox was never intended as a host for websites which is why that I doubt you will be able to link your domain name, unless someone else here knows any different.

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    To add on to what Jeremi said earlier If you have an IP address or DNS setting for your host all you need to do is register the domain and point it towards your hosts nameserver or IP. Alternatively if its a URL then you can forward and mask your domain to the alternative URL. Hope this helps! Support can explain more if need be: http://x.co/WeHelp ^Colby Go Daddy Social Media Team

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    Go to manage in godaddy click on forward domain and paste the dropbox url


    dont listen to others you can do it

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    Use a "DNS Forwarding" service where you can map your domain to a URL, such as "http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12345678/foldername/". Usually these use an iFrame approach, so as people navigate around your website, they won't see the address in the browser's address bar change. It will remain as "http://www.greatsite.com".

    Or you can just publish your iWeb site to a proper web hosting service via F.T.P. You can get them cheap and it would work as you expect without all of this hoop-jumping.

    Note: If you have any interest in getting indexed properly by search engines, use the F.T.P. approach. The forwarding approach won't give you the results you hope for.


    Dns forwarding won't solve your issue with regard to hiding the Dropbox path information in the urls. Infact, nothing will.

    You need an actual web host, which can be had for a few dollars a month - that small cost will solve you so many issues in the long run.




    I would suggest getting a real hosting service



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    Did you ever get the answer to this domain issue... I'd like to do the same.. I have the domain address bought, making the dropbox site... any insight. What did you find out??? Thanks!!! chris          


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    You may want to start a new topic since this one is rather old. In the meantime you will get some info here...