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I have a iWeb site that I made. I host the website online by using my dropbox account. This means I have no control over the domain name. So I give my friends a Tinyurl.com link to get them to my site since my url is very long thanks to Dropbox. I want to purchase a domain name from Godaddy.com so I can have a legit website, but I still want to host my website online with my Dropbox account. This way I have a free way of hosting my site on my free Dropbox account.

So how do I host my iWeb site online with a Godaddy domain name, while still using Dropbox as a host? Is there a guide anwehere? I already have the site hosted online with Dropbox and its working, so I just need to learn how to add the files to the domain name so I can finaly have a legit site.



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