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    Hi misterfrosty


    Many thanks for helpful reply

    I've done the imessage thing and I'll pop into a 3 store over the w.end




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    Well yes, by getting a blank replacement SIM card only our number will then be showing because the replacement sims' dont have a pre-assigned number on them as the new micro sim that they gave us when taking out the iphone.

    So, pop into a 3 store (£5.11) or call their customer service which they probably send the replacement sim for free and problem solved.


    Apparently 3's iOS configuration does not allow changing the 'My Number' field and for some strange reason it only shows the sim's pre-ported number.

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    I have also been having this problem. I have an AT&T iPhone 4 and was still having this problem on 5.0.1, and am STILL having this problem on 5.1. It's been unlocked by AT&T and I'm now currently in Australia trying to use it on Optus.


    This must be a glitch in the operating system since SO many people are having difficulties. I even did a complete restore on my phone yesterday and set up as new. Still same issue. I know it's not my carriers problem because the silent SMS's to activate iMessage nad FaceTime ARE going out everytime I toggle them on and off since I'm getting charged $0.35 everytime I try to activate it (international text messaging fee). I have spoken with Apple Care and even their senior specialists can't even figure it out. I'm at a loss at the moment...

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    I am having the same problem and in the past that worked, I have a 4 and it will not let me do it.  Supoort has told me I need to reset my phone to factory settings..............I am certain this will not resolve the problem though.

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    I called my service provider and was advised to turn off my imessages and sync my phone thru itunes, i did this and turned my imessages back on and everything reset and is now displaying properly

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    see my answer below yours

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    I am also on the '3' carrier (uk), and this fix worked for me, thanks! My daughter has iPhone 4 and I have 4s. We swapped sims and I managed to overwrite in settings > phone to my correct number, popped it back into my own 4s and bingo my number is displaying correctly everywhere in settings, imessages, face time, synced to itunes etc. Great if this also helps someone else to reslove the issue!


    Although having the wrong number in my phone settings it is probably mostly just a small annoyance, on my daughters iPhone 4 my calls and imessages to her were displaying 2 numbers (correct num and my temp iPhone num) before the fix. So this would probably be the case for anyone in my contacts using an iPhone. Confusing hey?


    So thanks again!

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    This worked first time for me... Thanks Frosty!!

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    To change your number, go to settings, phone and then go toy number to change it manually. I tried disabling my messages etc but that didn't work and i took out my sim card. I was going to 3 to resolve it but found it out for myself for my Iphone 4. Marvellous ;)

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    Panagiotis 83, the OP of this thread, already tried what you suggested without success, as stated in the very first post.  You might want to read the thread you're posting in before suggesting a  useless or irrelevant procedure that's already been tried and failed.

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    Thanks this solved my question!

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    go to settings, phone, my number and simply change the number. Sounds almost too simple, but it works!

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    Had the same problem for my iPhone 5S on lycamobile uk as I just transferred my old number to new sim card. Switched off iMessage, facetime, log out of app store, log out of icloud and did a "reset all settings" in the settings > general > reset > reset all settings. Now my old number is showing correctly without any changes made to my apps except that I need to log back in to my apple account for imessage, facetime etc.


    Like if it works for you

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    Just need to do a reset networks settings after that. and works perfect, very simple solution - its apple i suppose cheers!!

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