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so i plug it into itunes and it recognizes an iphone is plugged but it just says "iPhone" and my only option is to eject it. ive turned off the phone and held the home button then plugged it in so that it would restore. it restores but then a message pops up saying the phone is going to restart and to leave it plugged in. i leave it plugged in but then it just says to connect to itunes again! and its already connected ! i have no idea what to do and ive looked everywhere on the internet for answer. the problem started a few days ago when my screen wasnt working so i tried to restore it via itunes then this whole problem with it wanting me to plug it into itunes occured. also it is the first generation iphone, do you think its just time for a new phone?

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    It sounds like it's having trouble loading the software onto the iPhone and getting corrupted in the process.  If it's a first gen iPhone it definitely is time for a new one.


    You could try your luck by bringing it into an Apple Store and seeing if they have any luck restoring it, however you've done lots of troubleshooting already so it's likely they won't have much better luck.