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  • db019y Level 1 Level 1

    Applied November 13th Box received about 4 weeks later

    ipod nano 1rst gen 2gb white sent 1 week before Christmas to Apple

    I received replacement today

    ipod nano 6th gen 8gb silver



    Now if I could just get it recognized in iTunes

  • desmo916 Level 1 Level 1

    So it looks like the color that everyone is getting is silver. Is that true?

    This will make a nice watch (I have no need for yet another iPod in my house). I'm still waiting for my shipment, but I can go ahead and order an iWatchz band knowing that it will be silver?

  • mee4u Level 1 Level 1

    final update for me (cologne, germany, europe):


    11/12 - registered two white 2GB pods for replacement

    11/23 - #1 shipped from cologne, germany to the netherlands

    11/24 - #2 shipped from cologne, germany to the netherlands

    12/06 - "Product replacement pending"

    12/29 - 6th Gen Nano silver 8GB sent via UPS from the netherlands replacing #1

    01/02 - #1 arrived

    01/03 - 6th Gen Nano silver 8GB sent via NetherlandsPost from the netherlands replacing #2

    01/06 - #2 arrived


    - they both have 1yr warrenty.

    - #2 was sent non-registered (?!) - thought if i should claim it was lost, but decided not to do

    - called Apple after getting #1 to get #2 replaced with an refubished original 1G, but they said "sorry, no chance, we´re only giving away up-to-date-pods"


    So, goodbye and thanks to everyone - have fun with your Apple christmas gifts!

  • Adamapple31 Level 1 Level 1



    For everyone who is waiting patiently i can guarantee that you will indeed now receive a silver 6thGen nano.


    They're a good replacement



  • 33man Level 1 Level 1

    Hi folks!


    Just got my pending status changed to product replacement shipped...


    No news from Apple yet but finally Switzerland get also the replacement :)


    Service requested 25 Nov

    Product received & issue identified 6 Dec

    Replacement product shipped 6 Jan


    So 4 weeks of waiting on my side... I was worried as I didn't waited the return box to call Apple and organize a new pickup but finally everything looks fine, just waiting the FedEx guy ;)

  • Sozinho Level 1 Level 1

    As of today...


    1. Step 1 Request

      November 18, 2011:  Service requested


    Still waiting for the box or whatever Apple sends to me...


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  • 33man Level 1 Level 1

    Do the same as me... Call them I got a pickup by UPS 2 days after and the box arrived 1.5 week after :)


    So try to ask why the box isn't arrived yet and I guess it's depending on the guy you will have on the line but well I wouldnt be so much patient as you... :)


    And why UPS is not delivering on Saturday ? ;) I will never get my iPod back as I'm never at home...

  • Sozinho Level 1 Level 1

    Thnaks, 33man!

    What number did you use to call Apple? 1-800-767-2775?

  • 33man Level 1 Level 1

    Well I'm living in Switzerland so I firstly sent an email here :

    And they forwarded me to this number 0848000132...


    But if your are in US I guess better try the customer service :



    And well in any case if you call the wrong service (as I did initially), they are kind enough to redirect you to the correct one :)


    Good luck!

  • Sozinho Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks again, 33man!


    Will try next week, and will post what happens.

  • wSi_ Level 1 Level 1

    I got from "Service requested" on the 14th of November to "Empty box shipped" in one week (21th of November), been stuck there since (almost 2 months). According to the apple support i called about 2 weeks ago this empty box would still arrive, eventually... He also told me that "empty box shipped" actually means that they "intend to ship an empty box", as soon as it becomes available: apparantly they ran out of empty boxes.

  • 33man Level 1 Level 1

    Lol... You will discover what they call a box....


    An envelope with protection for the iPod and another UPS envelope with the shipping address and a booklet to give you instructions to call UPS for pickup...


    And again as I said the UPS guy came without box and had everything I his truck to do the packing...


    Good luck!

  • HD786 Level 1 Level 1

    hi thought i would let you know i recieved my replacement nano via ups apple sent a brand new nNo 6th gen really happy :)

  • Mr. Mellow Level 1 Level 1

    Seems odd that status changes don't always reflect the actual status. Whoever ships the boxes, or envelopes as may be the case, should be the one to change the status when the thing actually goes out the door.


    Question to those who've said they have a 1-year warranty: How were you told this? I didn't receive anything with my Nano—it came by itself in the box—and the only indication of a warranty came early in the process, when Apple said replacements would have a 45-day warranty.

  • Mangofromoz Level 1 Level 1

    Just letting you know today received a shiny brand new silver 6th generation 8GB nano to replace a battered and scratched and no longer used 5-6 year old 2GB 1st generation - bargain, thanks apple, I would have thought the 1st gen model was past its use by date! I received the original recall email on Nov 15th, and received parcel by Australia Post today. Note in the box states 90 day warranty, as did the original info on the website when I started the ergo process.

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