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Hi there,


So I'm helping someone out with updating iPhone 3GS to iOS 5. Here's the thing...the iPhone was unlocked so that it could be used on T-Mobile. But now the phone is not a phone anymore and acts like an iPod Touch and wanted to upgrade to iOS 5, so I restored it with the iOS 5 ipsw package. I obviously had to switch the T-Mobile SIM card out with my dad's old AT&T SIM card, and tried to activate the iPhone 3GS and it keeps failing all the time no matter what I do! I cannot get past this and am trying to figure out why it's not working. I'm going through the iOS 5 setup, and I don't want to activate it as phone and want to keep it working like an iPod Touch running iOS 5. Any suggestions anyone? I hope an answer can be found soon...by the end of the weekend preferably...





P.S. I have it plugged into iTunes (10.5, Windows 7), and it says that there is no SIM installed when obviously the AT&T SIM card is in there....

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1
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    You would have needed to jailbreak and hack your 3GS to get it to work with T-mobile, since AT&T never unlocks their iPhones.


    One of the problems with jailbreaking is that your phone can become permanently bricked when trying to update the OS.


    In any case, discussion of jailbroken or hacked phones is prohibited by the Terms of Use of this forum.  Jailbreaking and hacking void the warranty with Apple, and eliminates the possibility of any help from Apple or it's forums, including this one.


    I would be surprised if you ever get the 3GS working again. Good luck.

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    Figured so...alright thanks. I'm on my own from here.

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    Did you ever get this sorted as I have the same, just after updating ?

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    If you have a 3Gs that was jailbroken or hacked, you're on your own. Jailbroken / hacked devices can not be discussed here per the terms of service. You have voided any warranty you may have had and forfeited your right to support from Apple or on these forums.