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Hi everyone,


Im posting this message in the hope that some king person can help me.  Im a new - ish user to Macbook Pro and have just discovered the app Color Wash, I downloaded the picture I used to wish and started editing and " colouring in " ( not very technical I know !!!  )  the parts of the original photo that I wanted to keep in colour.  After a few hours I was more than happy with my work and had a few litttle bits to edit so I saved my picture edited to my desktop, to resume my work at a later date, however, upon resumption of my picture, all my work has vanished and the picture that I edited has gone back to the grey / black and white and Im really confused as to what to do now and Im angry after all the hours of work that I put into my original picture, so Im sending out this message in the hope that someone can help me and put me on the right path.  Also when I come to print out my finished edited picture howe do I go about making sure the picture will be edited correctly and have the parts of the picture I want in colour whilst the rest is in black and white


Kindest Regards and many thanks in advance


Shaun Royles

MacBook Pro