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Hi guys,


I have 5 macs at home and upgraded two of them with Lion. Since then, these two computers (MBP 17" + imac 27") can no longer access Adobe website (the other three macs + my ipad 2 can still access Adobe website without any problem).


Message errors I get: "Safari cannot connect to server" or in some other cases I get a grey screen with "RSL Error 1 of 1, Error #2048".


This occurs only on Adobe website regardless:

- The web browsers I use (Safari, Firefox, Opera)

- Enabling cookies or not

- Switching on/off my firewall (Little Snitch)

- Reseting Safari cache, history, etc.


I also tried to reboot in safe mode but it still did not work.


I uninstalled Flash player and reinstalled it. Same problem occured.


I updated all my softs to latest versions.


I need to access Adobe website since I am about to purchase online CS5 but so far I just can't.


Anyone has a clue to what's going on?


Should I reinstall Lion?


In advance thanks for your help.





iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)