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My trial version of Pages ended so I bought the app from Applestore, however after installing it on my ntb, it still doesn't allow me to save documents. The purchase has been already showed in my bank account so I dont understand what the problem might be...? Any advice?

Pages, iOS 5.0.1
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    Check your emails. Probably you got an email with a serialnumber??? I'm not sure, but I think that there is no serialnumber, if you buy a retail box version, but if you buy online, you get an email.

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    thanks Citrus, seems like the problem has been solved. It apparently took almost an hour for the system to acknowledge the valid version of the app. Btw, there is no serial number and I only got an informational email about the purchase being made. I'm new to mac so I keep panicking more than it's necessary, at least I know this support community works fast and quickly

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    Aha, thanks for the info. Problem fixed

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    Did you bought a registration code for the entire iWork package from the Apple Store or bought only Pages thru Mac App Store ?


    I'm quite sure that you bought Pages thru Mac App Store but I wish to know because in your first message you wrote :

    My trial version of Pages ended so I bought the app from Applestore


    which seems to be odd because there is no Pages trial version but iWork trial version

    and that AppleStore doesn't sell Pages only but entire iWork package.



    You asked in the iWork for iOS forum. Were you asking about Pages for iOS or Pages for OSX ?

    I never read about a trial version for Pages for iOS.


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    I'm having the same problem as Jana. I purchased just Pages thru itunes. However, unable to save my document. Help? The only email I received is the confirmation that purchase is done.

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    Disregard I'm able to use Pages now. Just had to delete the trial version.