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Unlike some I have had no issues with battery life on my 64GB 4S (MD258B) but after flashing the device with 5.0.1 am now seeing the same issues as everyone else.


I turn off non-essential services and only turn on Wi-Fi or BlueTooth when I need them and regularly close running apps so the device is as close to optimised for battery life as it can be.


I have fully charged the device this morning then left it on my desk with no processes running and within a couple of hours its dropped to 85%.


Does anyone have an idea when iOS 5.0.2 will be out?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    adw, we're all users on this forum, just like you.  We would have no more way of knowing when and if 5.0.2 will be out than you would.  If we DID, we'd no doubtedly be under a non-disclosure agreement.  We'll all just have to wait for an announcement.  Speculation is strictly prohibited by the Terms of Use of this forum.

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    the 5.0.1 release smells of panic to me, im used to confidently flashing firmware on RAID controllers or server BIOS upgrades actually doing some good.  experiencing this where a working piece of hardware starts to lose performance following an update is a new experience i am not enjoying.