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Hi, When I sync my phone with iTunes, only 41 of 48 songs actually sync no matter how I try to make them sync. 3 of the songs that won't sync are from the iTunes music store and the rest are burned from CD.

Is there something I need to do to allow it to sync songs from the music store?

Any suggestion are appreciated.


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    The Motorola SLVR L1 (and ROKR E1) supports a maximum bit rate of 128 kbps for AAC tracks and 192 kbps for MP3 tracks, so if your songs are encoded at a higher bit rate, they cannot be copied directly to the phone. For songs that you imported from CDs, you can either reimport them from the CD at a lower bit rate, or else you can turn on the "Convert higher bitrate songs to 128 kbps AAC" option in the phone preferences. The majority of the songs in the iTunes music store are encoded at 128 kbps AAC, but some are encoded at higher bit rates. For these tracks, you will need to burn them to a CD and then import them back into iTunes at 128 kbps AAC.
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    Thanks for getting back to me! That trick worked for a few of the songs. The ones I downloaded through iTunes, though just needed to be authorized to play on my PC. Once I did that, it worked fine. Now they all sync fine.

    Thanks again!
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    Im having the same problem... If i transfer the files converting them to 128kbps aac will that change the file in my library to 128 aac or just on the phone?
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    No, if "Convert higher bitrate songs to 128 kbps AAC" is turned on, the songs will be converted on-the-fly as they are transferred to the phone, without affecting the original songs in your library. This will increase the time it takes to copy the songs to the phone, but it is the only way to get certain songs to play on the phone.
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    Thanks, that worked. Now my new problem is i have the songs on my slvr but when i try to play some of them they automatically skip to the next song. All of them having been converted to acc 128kbps. Even a couple i had purchased on itunes.
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    actually its JUST the songs i purchased on itunes
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    I've encountered this stupid problem more times than I care to remember with both my ipod mini and ipod nano. :-p

    AFAIK, the easiest way to fix this is to either:

    delete one of the iTMS songs from your iPod (or SLVR in your case) and then add it back onto your iPod/SLVR


    add an iTMS song that originally wasn't on your iPod/SLVR to begin with.

    This seems to consistently stop the problem for me, but I haven't found a way to keep the problem from reoccurring at some point in the future and it's quite aggravating. I've seen quite a few posts about this problem (with iPods) and I really wish Apple would find a permanent fix for this!!

    Anyway, I hope this fixes the problem for you on your SLVR.

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    Try playing one of the purchased songs that won't sync to the SLVR. It is possible that your computer is not authorized to play that particular song. If this is the case, then iTunes will prompt you to authorize the computer when you try to play the song. After you authorize the computer, you should then be able to copy the purchased song to your phone.
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    Just purchased the Motorola SLVR. I have discovered that the protected acc songs that I purchased on I-Tunes will not play on my SLVR. I don't know how to authorize my phone for these songs to play on my SLVR. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Just follow the instructions Toonz posted above and that should be all u need to do.

    When you attempt to play an iTMS song on your computer, the computer has to be authorized to play it. If the computer is already authorized, it will just play the song. If it's not authorized, it'll prompt you for your iTMS credentials so it can authorize your computer.

    Once your computer is authorized, you can hook up your SLVR to your computer and copy iTMS songs to your SLVR and they should play on your phone.

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    I had the same problem. I fixed my problem by switching the USB connection to a native USB port on the computer instead of on an external USB bus where it had been. All my iTunes play on my SLVR!
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    God!! Ive been looking for this answer all over the net!
    Thank you so very much!

    I bougth an AudioBook and couldnt upload it to my Rokr, and this little trick did it.
    Im going on a long trip and needed to listen this book.

    Thanks guys, this discussion site helps.

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    I have this same problem. What does that mean to switch the USB ports? Any help would be appreciated.

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