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Is there a way to delete items from the reading list en masse, that is more than one at a time using the swipe to delete method?


I want to delete either all items at once, or multiple selected items at once, or all unread items at once.

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    No - you can only delete them one at a time. There is no mass delete method.

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    I was searching or the same solution. Deleting entries on at a time sure is tedious.

    Hopes this option is included in the 5.1

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    yes, you can. 

    1.  if you sync to your computer, turn on bookmark syncing on your mac (your icloud).

    2.  clear reading list on your mac.

    3.  turn off bookmark syncing on mac (icloud).

    4.  disconnect ipad from wifi or 3g network.

    5.  turn off bookmark syncing on ipad (icloud).

    6.  you'll get a message something about "do you want to delete bookmark stuff from your ipad?"

    7.  say "YES!"  reading list will be gone! 

    8.  connect ipad to wifi.  mac bookmark syncing should be off.


    your bookmarks will look different.  they are there, just farther down list, so you'll have to do a bit of cleaning up (better than deleting like TEN THOUSAND reading list items one by one!  I DON'T KNOW WHY APPLE THINKS YOU DESERVE A CHOICE IN DELETING YOUR HISTORY, BUT NOT YOUR READING LIST.  or, in the alternative, allow easier editing the same way you can edit bookmarks.  pffft.


    i have spent hours on phone with apple care on this issue.  nothing worked.  some "fixes" really messed up my bookmarks.  if you have problems in ipad safari, as in long (up to 5 or more seconds) lapse time adding link to reading list OR not being able to "mail link to this page" because email pops up and immediately greys out AND safari is frozen, a long, LONG reading list is likely the culprit. 


    you're welcome, apple geniuses.  

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    Thanks for that tip!

    Saved me hours of de letting one by one

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    Dude, thank you. Google leads me to ten thousand results of people asking the same question, being answered the same stupid "swipe left to right one by one" answer.


    Now I have one problem: I'm on windows. Do I really need to install Safari (or mess up with my GF's mac configuration) just to do that? I went on iCloud website, and Safari isn't there.


    edit - My GFs iMac is on the latest system update supported for its model, and it doesn't feature iCloud, so I'm stuck with windows.

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    Actually, it is much simpler.

    Just turn on syncing to the cloud on the iPad.

    Once it confirms, turn it off as in steps 5 to 7 above.

    Note: This will delete ALL your bookmarks on your iPad, not just your reading list.

    If you want to delete only your reading list then you have to install Safari on your desktop as per above

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    And ... a reply many years afterwards.. . How do you do Step 2?  How do you clear all the list from your MAC?

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    1. open safari on your MAC.
    2. click on the open book above the tabs on far left.
    3. click reading list.
    4. you can't clear the reading list enmasse on mavericks.  if you have mavericks, you'll have to hit the "x" for each item on reading list.  it's not too bad -- you don't get a dialog box to confirm. 
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    I'd just like to add to this discussion that you can in fact clear the entire reading list in Safari on Mavericks. Just secondary click the "x" then choose "clear all items" then an "are you sure?" type of menu will pop up.

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    In Mavericks, just right-click a blank area on the reading list to delete all.  Duh, I'm sorry I didn't see your response.




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    Here’s how to delete all Offline Reading lists at once:

    • Open Settings
    • Go to GeneralUsage
    • From the apps list, tap on Safari (you might have to tap onShow All Apps first)
    • Tap on Edit.
    • Tap on the red ‘-‘ sign next to Offline Reading list and then on Delete.
    • That’s about it: this deletes the whole offline reading list stored in Safari/iCloud.