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As the title says, I was updating my Iphone 4s with the new IOS when I got an error.  I'd seen errors like this before with my 3GS and since I'm really tired I didn't get the number from the error, I just clicked OK.


My iphone disappeared from my list of available devices on my Itunes and the screen on the phone shows the icons meaning I should connect it to Itunes.  I disconnected and reconnected it, but itunes will not recognise my phone.  I've tried resetting it (holding the home and on/off switch down together) but it causes the screen to go black, then the apple logo to appear then back to the same screen, I've tried various permitations of when to connect it back to itunes during this process and nothing works.


I tried rebooting my PC and reinstalling itunes but nothing is working and I'm getting very ****** off!  


Does anyone have any advice before I drive an hour tomorrow to the nearest apple store??




iPhone 4S, Windows 7