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My iPhone 4S has started switching itself off randomly over the last week but would then switch itself back on several minutes later by itself. However, last night it switched itself off and no matter what ive tried it wont come back on. Ive tried the home+power button, connected to itunes and not, connected to itunes with the home button pressed. I rang the Geek Squad as I have insurance and they could suggest anything more. Im loathed to take it back to the shop as all the sales assistant will do is send it off, give me a rubbish temporary phone/brick and it will take ages to come back. I would be grateful if anyone can help please?

iPhone 4S
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    ps i cant even put my sim card into an old phone as its now a micro sim!

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    Hi, did you get this sorted. mine just switched itself off there now with 40% of the battery still left. The only thing I could do was a hard reset to get it back on. I tried plugging it in but it made no difference . I just had my original 4S replaced last week due to a fault

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    Hi, my phone eventually came back to life of its own accord the next day but with virtually no battery life even though I'd given it a full charge. After it came back on I plugged it in to be recharged but the back became very warm whilst the power drained quicker than usual after I unplugged it.


    I took it to the Apple store later that day and thankfully the phone switched itself off again right in front of one of the Genius assistants. He couldn't diagnose the problem and so gave me a brand new handset straight away. Credit to Apple there and I'm so glad I didn't take it back to the car phone warehouse where I bought it from. They would have sent it away for tests for weeks.


    I've had no problems with my new handset to date.