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Hi everyone,


I have an issue with my iMac 27" (2009) and Windows 7 x64 with BootCamp: There is no audio output from the internal speakers of my iMac.


The following steps/installations/configurations has been done already, but did not work:

  • Installed Boot Camp 3.3
  • Latest Windows 7 Updates and ServicePacks
  • Tried to install latest Realtek drivers (some threads recommend this)
  • Tried to install latest Cirrus drivers (some threads recommend this also)
  • Tried to deactivate/uninstall Windows High Definition Audio-Device (and yes, some threads recommend this)



One more thing: when I connect an USB headset audio will be routed to the headset correctly.


Thus I assume that in general audio should work, but there is something wrong with the audio routing.


Any advice and help is very welcome.



iMac 27" i7, 8 GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Finally I did it. It was a combination of several issues regarding the Cirrus hardware and drivers deliverey by Apple with the BootCamp package for x64 architecture on the Snow Leopard DVD and the newer generic drivers provided by Windows.


    Here in short what I've done:

    - uninstall the (not only deactivete) the Cirrus device on Windows 7

    - Reboot (and do not install the device, if don't do so, Windows 7 will install a generic driver provided with Windows)

    - Install the Cirrus device by and select the latest drivers from Cirrus