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iPad 2 battery is draining way too fast after the 5.0.1 update - I've lost over 10% just browsing the apple site over wifi for about 10 minutes - with no other apps running. NOT ACCEPTABLE APPLE!!!


Same issue with my iPhone 4 that went from 62% when I went to bed last night to completely dead this morning - unused!!


Apple - roll 5.0 back out to replace this battery leech. I need to be able to actually USE my products.

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
  • davidch Level 1 (5 points)

    the iOS 5.0.1 update works in most cases where it was related to standby battery drain. I have installed it myself and/or assisted others to have it work on 9 out of 10 cases do far. it has typically improved standby drain from 2-4% an hr or more to 0.5% or less. however, in addition to the update you MUST also "reset all settings" and fully discharge and recharge the battery after the update. just doing the update or restoring from background does not work and in many cases can make things slightly worse. there are many threads already on this issue and there was no reason to create another. refer to my fix process thread below...




    and/or follow these steps from another poster...


    Make sure that you do all the resets and let the battery drain to under 10%



    You can download iPhone Configuration Utility to check the logs of the device for a bad APP.



    Make sure to let the phone do the recharge like yout had to when first purchased. We like 24 hours with any device when we first get it.



    Good luck, we did not have any problems after updating old devices except legacy iPads, which a reset fix. All our new 4S are fine and have been fine since purchase.


    Good luck

  • davidch Level 1 (5 points)

    Meant to say following at bottom of first paragraph... (not background)


    "...just doing the update and restoring from backup does not work and in many cases can make things slightly worse. this likely is due to still having potential corrupt settings on the phone and/or backup..."

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    Ridiculous. You cant expect us to reset our Iphone evry time we do a firmware update. If you have inapp purchases or downloads (like in the BBC Iplayer app) there is a large chance you will loose them. Had that multiple times. Also with the IOS 5 update (yes I backedup my phone)...also the time it takes to constantly reorder your Iphone apps etc....

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    Same here,


    I already have battery issues on my 4S and got it replaced twice. I tried resetting it and various other tips but it does not work.


    Now after updating to 5.0.1 on my ipad 2 the battery drains like crazy. I had it fully charged last night and took it of the charger and 8 hours later the battery was down to 62% and it only received 1 email and no apps were running in the background.


    I used to have my iPad 2 on for a few dasy before charging it when I used it a little bit every day but now it looks like it will barely last 24 hours.


    Please Apple fix this issue!!!!!!!!

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    I'm not an expert, but I noticed my battery draining fast on the older OS as well.  Even if your iPad is off, it it still working.  I turn off my wi-fi/3G when I am not using my iPad, especially overnight.  With the location services and everything else that is going on, the iPad will use resources for those services even if you are not using the iPad.  Here is a test that you can try.  Fully charge your battery and check that it is at 100% before the night but don't change any of your normal settings.  Then check the battery usage the next morning.  Now try this again, but turn off your wi-fi/3G.  See if it makes a difference at all.  If it does, then it probably is not the battery, but the stuff going on behind the scenes.

  • Tmansar2 Level 1 (0 points)

    Did everything stated, and battery still drops more than 25% in two hours with no use at all...


    In my 30 minute drive to work, with no apps running, dropped form 100 to 80

  • Maggot Level 2 (185 points)

    Having the same issue, too. Was fine before the last (5.0.1) update.

  • cavoores Level 1 (0 points)

    No only is battery draining, but since the update the icon for location is always on in the home screen, when it was not before the update.

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    I'm sorry to hear that.  I noticed that the file size of the new O/S is much larger than the previous version.  Do you know how old your battery is?  I read somewhere on Apple's sight that the battery is good for only about 3,000 hours before it needs replacement and only an Apple Service Center can make the swap.  I don't know if the iPad battery is the same as on cell phones.  Sometimes it is a good idea to let the battery drain down to zero and then recharge.  Have you ever tried that?

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    Same issues here, except I have the problem on both my 4S and my iPad 2.  I never had a battery problem before I installed 5.0.1 last night. I could go 2 full days between charges, on both devices.


    And then last night, disaster.  Usage at 1% every two minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I have turned everything off, in the process of draining the batteries the remaining way and then will recharge.


    Why ... When I was having no problems ... Would a update supposed to "fix" something so utterly do the reverse?  I know that's a rhetorical question but I am completely baffled!

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    I suspect that the problem lies somewhere in the apps loaded on your devices or OS 5 apps.  Here are some articles on the Apple support site that I found that I hope can help resolve your problem.  I know that troubleshooting takes a lot of time and it is frustrating, but hang in there and you will find a solution.




    This is from Apple's support site and in the manual for OS 5:


    Push delivers new information when iPod touch is connected to a Wi-Fi network (some delays may occur). Turn Push off to suspend delivery of email and other information, or to conserve battery life . When Push is off, use the Fetch New Data setting to see how often data is requested.

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    Same issue here! I've been reading on my fully-charged iPad and the battery is down to 78%. Never did this before the latest update. Yesterday, iPad quit before my usual evening reading!  Any solutions!

  • davidch Level 1 (5 points)

    Shirley 123 wrote:


    Same issue here! I've been reading on my fully-charged iPad and the battery is down to 78%. Never did this before the latest update. Yesterday, iPad quit before my usual evening reading!  Any solutions!


    I have personally seen the problem and corrected it on numerous models now including the 4S, 4, 3GS and iPad 2s.  Corrupt system level settings created by an iOS 5 bug in the original release that caused battery recalibration issues, etc.  Just installing the update does not fix the issue in most cases (sometime it initially can be worse).  You need to clear out those settings and recalibate the battery.  For those still having the "standby battery drain" issue follow the procedure below in order.  It does fix the problem in most cases.



    Go through these steps to address the battery after updating to iOS 5.0.1:


    1. Reset all settings (settings app-> general-> reset)


    2. Go through initial setup steps (lang, wifi, siri, enable location, etc) and choose setup as new phone (don't worry your apps, data, contacts, mail will still be there). At this point, Do NOT restore from iCloud or iTunes (It can copy back corrupt settings)


    3. Turn off system location services timezone and iAd


    4. Fully discharge battery  (tilll it shuts off with the spinning wheel)


    5. Fully recharge battery (overnight if possible)


    In my experience this improves the Standby battery drain issue significantly in most cases.  It reduces drain from 2-4% or more per hr to 0.5% or less. It has worked for many, many users now. If it does not work after a few try's you may have a real battery or hardware issue and should contact Apple.  Good Luck!


    More details on my thread here if needed:

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    iPhone 4 and iPad 2 & 3GS here.


    Noticed battery drain since 5.0-5.0.1 but it's not much of an issue to me anymore after making changes to location services.  I noticed the indicator being on too frequently and found some that I could turn off, which brought most of my capacity back since the 5.0 update.


    Under normal Location Services, turn off any app that you really don't need location services turned on.  Not much of a savings here, but it's a good opportunity to turn off those apps that you may have inadvertently allowed that isn't required.


    The settings I found most helpful to adjust were further down the page to System Services.  I turned off iAds and Time Zone as those two were frequently being used.  The rest I left on for the phones.  My 3G iPad I only use wifi, so I turned off Cell Network Search.


    It helped me some, maybe it'll help you too.

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