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I am encountering really slow Gigabit since I updated to 10.7.2


My setup is as follows:

- 1 Mac Pro (early 2008)

- 1 Mac Mini (2009)

- 2 Gigabit switches from Netgear

- All Cat 6 ethernet cables


Before updating to 10.7.2, the network was running fine, I was getting about 400Mbps sustained disk to disk from one computer to another, which was frankly fine for my use.


However, after the update, I can barely hold a 2Mbps transfer between the two computers and it is absolutely eratic. It goes from 20Mbps to 20Kbps constantly, is dropping frames, … you name it. To sum it up: it is absolutely unusable. Even VNC has difficulties keeping up.


I have tested the disks and they are not at fault. As for the switches or cables, when trying transfers from 2 Windows laptops, everything is fine and I get full gigabit speed.


When setting both 10.7.2 computers to manual 100Mbps full-duplex, I get full 100Mbps transfers, without dropping any frame.


After researching the web, I have found that a lot of H*ckintosh users are reporting problems with Gigabit ethernet since they updated to 10.7.2. However, since I am not using H*ckintoshes, I'm kept scratching my head wondering what is going on.


For the time being, I'll stay connected at 100Mbps, but this is a rather perplexing bug.


Do you have any idea what may be going on?


Thanks for your help,


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)