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I'm using iCould and photostream on my iPhone, my wife's iPhone, and my MacBook Pro.  Photostream is taking up around 3 GB of space on my iPhone.  Is there any way to limit the number of photos so I am not putting 1,000 photos from photostream on my iPhone?

  • Albert NL Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with that. With photostream as it is, it's becoming a burden and not a joy.


    Problems / suggestions:


    * no option to delete an image completely of your photostream (and all synced devices)

    * no option to delete an image of your photostream only from a particular device

    * no option to set up categories (and an option on an iDevice to select which categories to stream/sync)


    The advantage of using a digital camera is to shoot as many images as you want and later on decide which ones to keep. Right now, every picture taken remains saved for 30 days and ALL iDevices.


    I like the photostream idea, but it's (like currently many of the iCloud features)  not well thoughtthrough. It's very un-Apple-ish

  • aaronfromroscoe Level 1 Level 1

    It's taking 8Gb on my phone and I don't  know why